There’s a Head in the Bucket, Dear Taylor, a Head

On February 23, 2022, Officer Alex Wanish of the Green Bay, WI police department, responded to a rather grisly call after a woman called to report the discovery of her son’s severed head in a plastic bucket.

During their investigation, law enforcement officials learned that Taylor D. Schabusiness, 24, was likely the last person seen with the 25-year-old victim. Police found found Schabusiness at a home in another part of the city. She had dried blood on her clothing and, inside her vehicle, on the rear passenger seat, they saw a crock pot box containing human legs and other body parts.

After obtaining a search warrant for the victim’s home police discovered additional body parts, including a torso inside a storage tote, and various knives. Further examination of the bucket, which was found in the basement of the home, revealed a male organ, body fluid, and a two knives.

Schabusiness told police that she and the victim had smoked meth the night of the killing, and they’d engaged in strangulation as part of mutual sexual activity.

In addition to first-degree intentional homicide, Schabusiness is charged with mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. The sexual assault charge stemmed from acts she committed after the victim died.

Taylor Schabusiness looking out from inside a Brown County cell.


Victim’s home – The Crime Scene




Below is a copy of the criminal complaint filed by STATE OF WISCONSIN Plaintiff, vs.TAYLOR DENISE SCHABUSINESS – Assigned ADA: Caleb J Saunders, Complainant

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For comparison, below is a copy off the criminal complaint from the Jeffrey Dahmer case. Again, DETAILS ARE GRAPHIC.


Yes, this brutal crime occurred in the home city of the Writers’ Police Academy. Yes, Taylor Schabusiness is currently held at a jail where some Writers’ Police Academy instructors are employed. Yes, one of the lead investigators in the Jeffrey Dahmer case, Steven Spingola, is a special guest presenter at the 2022 Writers’ Police Academy.

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*Thanks to Bob Mueller for the idea for today’s article. The case is gruesome, yes, but some of the details and procedures could greatly assist with a crime writer’s journey to reaching the twisted ending of their next book.