Recommended Reads.

Greta Boris

A Margin of Lust

Annette Dashofy

No Way Home

Victoria Heckman


D.B. McNicol

Against All Odds

Marco Conelli

Cry for Help

Finn Purcell

Spoiler Alert: You’re Gonna Die

Linda Lovely

Dead Hunt (Smart Women, Dumb Luck Book 2)

C.A. Newsome

Fur Boys

Jaden Terrell

A Taste of Blood and Ashes

Kathy Harris

the road to mercy

The Road to Mercy

Melanie Atkins

against all odds

Against All Odds

Joseph S. Bonsall

oak ridge boys

On the Road with The Oak Ridge Boys

Steven Kerry Brown

redeeming the dead

Redeeming the Dead

Melanie Atkins

protecting her heart

Protecting Her Heart – Bayou Bounty Hunters Book 1

Melanie Atkins

sealing his fate

Sealing His Fate – Bayou Bounty Hunters Book 2

Melanie Atkins

unlocking her secrets

Unlocking Her Secrets (Bayou Bounty Hunters Book 3)

Patti Phillips

Kerrian’s Notebook, Volume 1

Katherine Ramsland

the devils dozen

The Devil’s Dozen

Katherine Ramsland & Mark Nesbitt

blood and ghosts

Blood & Ghosts – Haunted Crime Scene Investigations

Katherine Ramsland

the sex beast

The Sex Beast

Doug M. Cummings

escaping the ozone

Escaping the O Zone: Intuition, Situational Awareness and Staying Safe