Lee Lofland is a popular speaker for conferences, online sessions, workshops, and he is available for personal consultations. Lee has worked with fiction and nonfiction writers in all stages of their careers, including many NY Times and Internationally bestselling authors.

Writers Workshop

Personal Consultations, Story Coaching, and Developmental Editing

Because of Lee’s exemplary career in law enforcement and his atmospheric writing style, he is well qualified to offer personal consultations for writers. He provides both technical and developmental editing services to writers at all stages of their careers, from beginning to top bestselling authors, and television and film writers.

Lee is a nationally acclaimed expert and his consultations can include, but are not limited to, manuscript reviews for technical accuracy regarding law enforcement matters, police procedures, forensics, and crime scene investigations. Additionally, as a developmental editor and story coach, he conducts a deep dive into your manuscript, focusing on setting, tone, character development, realistic dialogue and action sequences, theme, plot, organization of ideas, story flow, and the overall big picture of your manuscript.

For more information or questions about my services, please contact Lee at

Workshops & Conferences for Writers

Lee is available to present a workshop in your area, tailored to your chosen subjects. Presentations are designed to suit the needs of your group and subject matters. Popular topics include Homicide and Crime Scene Investigations, Forensics, Developing Compelling Characters (Good and Bad Guys), Scene Building, and more.