The Word On The Street Is…

Here’s a handy guide for drug slang.

1. Artillery – items used for injecting drugs.

2. Aspirin – powdered cocaine.

3. Author – doctor who writes phony or illegal prescriptions.

4. Babysit – watching over someone during their first, or a bad drug experience.

5. Baked – high on drugs.

6. Base – cocaine

7. Bin laden – heroin

8. Cake – a round chunk-like portion of crack cocaine.

9. Cooking – the process of transforming powder cocaine into crack.

10. Crack – the rock-like form of cocaine.

11. Cracker Jacks – crack users.

12. Crippled – extremely high on drugs.

13. Dart – needle

14. Dime – ten dollars worth of a drug.

15. Drop – swallow drugs.

16. E – ecstasy

17. Egg – crack cocaine

18. Eight ball – 1/8th ounce of a drug.

Eight ball on left. 1/2 ounce on right

19. Ex – ecstasy

20. Fall – arrested

21. Fairy dust – heroin

22. Flake – cocaine

23. Fry sticks – marijuana laced with embalming fluid.

24. G – $1,000

25. Gank – fake crack (it is illegal to sell fake crack).

26. George – heroin

27. Gluey – person who sniffs glue.

28. Groceries – crack cocaine

29. Hamburger helper – Crack cocaine

30. Happy dust – cocaine

31. Harry – herion

32. Heat – the police

33. Hippie crack – inhalants

34. Holding – possessing drugs.

35. Ice – cocaine

36. Ice cube – crack

37. Icing – cocaine

38. Jab – inject a drug.

39. Jelly – cocaine

40. Juggler – dealer

41. K – PCP

42. Kangaroo – Crack

43. Key (ki) – Kilo

44. Kicker – Oxycontin

45. Kissing – exchanging plastic-wrapped drugs from mouth to mouth by kissing.

46. Kit – items used for injecting drugs.

47. Lady – cocaine or herion.

48. Lit up – high on drugs.

49. Loaded – high on drugs.

50. Lucy – LSD

* More drug slang next week.

And for fun… Southern sayings for everyday things…

When someone is in close proximity to something:

“You can’t shake a stick without hittin’ a dead body in here.” (In a morgue).

After eating a large meal:

“I’m as fat as a tick.” Or, “I’m as stuffed as a Christmas turkey.”

Getting ready to fight:

“I’m fixin’ to whup your ass.”

Fixin’ to is also used in any “getting ready to” situation.

“I’m fixin’ to start dinner.”

“I’m fixin’ to write my 1,000 words for the day.”

When someone appears particularly tired.

“He looks like he’s been rode hard and put up wet.”

Or, “He looks like 10 miles of bad road.”

When referring to someone who’s a little less than fortunate in the looks department:

“Bless his heart.”

Someone who can’t seem to find his way:

“He’s as lost as last year’s Easter eggs.”

* These expressions aren’t used by all Southerners, but I was out running a few errands yesterday, made only three brief stops, and heard all of the above in a two-hour period.

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  1. Dave Swords
    Dave Swords says:

    Hi, Lee. Good list. I was skimming through it and saw the word for phony crack and, for the life of me, could not remember what it was called in this area years ago (and may still be.)

    It took about 5-6 minutes to remember “fleece.” I have good recall – it just takes longer these days.

    Which reminds me of one of my favorite expressions for someone who is a bit odd or “not all there.” –

    “That fella’ ain’t wired for sound.” 🙂

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