Last Week In England by Coroner’s Investigator Paul Beecroft

Last Week In England With Paul Beecroft

My friend, Paul Beecroft, has spent a good deal of his life in law enforcement, in England. He’s worked Foot Patrol, Area Car, Instant Response Car and also as a Police Motorcyclist. He’s currently a coroner’s investigator and has traveled all over England, Wales, Scotland and even Germany to investigate crimes. Today, Paul sends us the latest scoop about England’s cops and crooks.

Last Week In England

Derrick Bird a 52 year old Taxi Driver left his home in the village of Rowrah, Cumbria, taking with him his .22 Rifle and his Shotgun. This should have just been a normal day but it was not to be. For reasons that are not yet confirmed Derrick Bird shot and killed his twin brother David and then shot and killed the family Solicitor Kevin Commons age 60. This occurs before 10.00 am.

At 10.35 emergency services are despatched to Duke Street in Whitehaven following shots fired. Bird has gunned down fellow taxi drivers killing one.

Bird has left the scene before Police arrive and he has driven off in his Taxi. He drives to the village of Egremont where he shoots and kills 60 year old Kenneth Fishburn on a bridge and also Susan Hughes in her 60’s who had been out shopping.

He then drives towards the village of Wilton and on route shoots and kills a local man Spike Dixon. In the village he then kills Jimmy and Jennifer Jackson

He then headed towards Gosforth where he shoots and kills Garry Purdham at point blank range whilst he was working in a field.

He then moved to Seascale where he kills a 64 year old cyclist Michael Poke and Jane Robinson a lady in her 70’s who was out delivering catalogues. Jamie Clark aged 23 is also shot and killed as he drives through the village.

Around 1.00 pm Cumbria Police find his Taxi which he has now abandoned and some 40 minutes later they find Bird’s body in woods near to the village of Boot.

In total Bird shot and killed 12 people and injured up to 25 others some of whom are in a serious condition.

In total there are 30 crime scenes.

The Queen of England has released a statement saying she is deeply shocked and shares the country’s grief and horror.

Update – 5:07pm 6-7-10

Police officers who frantically chased crazed killer Derrick Bird were forced to abandon their pursuit when he turned his gun on them.

Three unarmed officers followed father-of-two Bird but could not stop the massacre.

Cumbria Police insisted there was never an opportunity to stop the carnage – which left 12 dead.

A neighbourhood policing officer first gave chase after hearing shots in Whitehaven and commandeering a car.

But as the officer raced towards Bird’s car the 52-year-old pointed his gun out of the driver’s window and fired at a passing taxi.

The pursuit was abandoned to help the taxi driver and his female passenger who had been shot.

Two other officers in a police van then took up the chase but stopped when Bird pulled up and pointed his gun at them.

Thinking cabbie Bird was going to open fire the officers ducked for cover behind the dashboard.

They escaped with their lives – but lost sight of the gunman’s grey taxi as he fled.

Bird’s killing spree began in the early hours of Wednesday when he murdered his twin brother David. It is believed this – and the killings of family solicitor Kevin Commons, 60, and fellow cabbie Darren Rewcastle – were sparked by bitter grudges.

Bradford, Yorkshire

Criminology student Stephen Griffiths aged 40 has appeared in Court charged with the murder of three prostitutes.  When the Court asked him to confirm his name he replied “The crossbow cannibal”

Stephen Griffiths

Police and Forensic experts are examining a suitcase reputed to contain knives, hacksaws and some human tissue which has been found in a river near to where parts of a body were found.

An officer carries evidence away from the scene.

Forensics officials search the grounds around Griffiths’ flat.

Human remains were discovered in the River Aire.

Evidence found in the River Aire.

*Mailonline photos



Peter Wallner a 34 year old Chef is sentenced to Life Imprisonment and is to serve a minimum of 20 years for the murder of his wife Melanie. Wallner killed his wife with a griddle pan and then hid her body in a freezer for 3 years before putting it in a wheelie bin to be collected during the weekly rubbish collections. Her body was discovered when neighbours spotted her foot sticking out of the bin.

*TimesOnline photos



Police were called to an address in Holbrook, Derbyshire. The bodies of Rachael Slack aged 38 and her 23 month old son had been stabbed to death. Her ex boyfriend, 44 year old Andrew Cairns then took his own life.

Rachael Slack

Officers search for evidence outside the home.

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  1. kitty
    kitty says:

    Rachel Slack From Derbyshire was a very good friend of mine for 9 years.
    I am absoloutly heart broken over her death and Audens.
    I knew Andrew Cairns for 9 years also.He was a deranged weirdo and when Rach became involved with him i knew he would one day cause her alot of heartache and pain.He was a creep, very possessive, exteremly jealous of her and her friends and was totally obsessed with her.There was no way on this planet he was going to except she had found love and happiness with another man so in a jealous frenzied rage he took her life and that of their sons.
    There is so much i knew about their lives but i will not disclose her private life as it was personal and not an open book.
    All i will say is that Rach was the most beautiful, vibrant,intelligent positive and loving happy soul to walk this earth.She was pure gold…I loved her like a sister and she will always be with me.
    This could have been prevented.Her life and her sons and unborn childs life has been stolen by a deranged man with a warped mind and this could have been avoided if the police listen to woman more that are being subjected to these horrors.
    She was to young to die and had so much to live for..
    What i dont understand is how cairns got into her house as she would never have left the door unlocked.
    How did he get inside the house…
    Rachels mother is the sweetest lady.She lived for rachel and they were so close…This will kill her for sure..She will be heart broken.
    Rachel will never be forgot..But we want justice for her and we will not give up untill we get it.Rach was so loved ,so popular.
    A wonderful friend, artist and sister…
    Love you Rach, Rest in peace sweet lady,

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Sorry for the confusion, guys. There seems to be a bit of trouble with the site today. Some people can see the entire post while others cannot. I’ve just completely re-posted the entire piece. Please let me know if you still cannot see the section about Derrick Bird.

  3. queenofmean
    queenofmean says:

    I’m confused, too. I didn’t even see a case involving Derrick Bird. The last one I see is the Rachael Slack & Andrew Cairns one.
    Interesting in the last picture how covered the officers are while they’re searching outside the home: their heads, clothing, hands & mouths.

  4. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:

    SZ…..I am having a problem my end with the PC and cannot read the actual blog but it should mention near the bottom that his body was found in woods near to the village of Boot.

    He had taken his own life.



  5. SZ
    SZ says:

    What did I miss ? Is Derrick Bird still out there ? I dont see where they have him caught. That is bad indeed.

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