Ten Things A Cop Should Never Forget

Ten Things A Cop Should Never Forget

1. No matter how hot or uncomfortable they are, always wear your vest. Bad guys carry guns on sunny days, too.

2. Always double-lock handcuffs. Just a quick click can have disastrous results.

Remember, crooks sometimes practice escaping cuffs with only one lock (the ratchet) secured. And, double-locking prevents the cuffs from becoming too tight on a suspect’s wrists.

3. Search every suspect thoroughly before placing them in your police car. Officers have been injured or killed because they skipped this simple step.

4. Don’t be shy when searching criminals. Weapons have been found in every imaginable place, and some have been found in places you don’t want to imagine.

5. Use the same caution when arresting females as you would when arresting male suspects. You’re just as dead when killed by a woman.

6. When engaged in a vehicle pursuit never fixate on the suspect’s tail lights. If he runs off the road and crashes you’ll likely follow. Instead, watch the entire vehicle and where it’s headed. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

7. When responding to a call in an unfamiliar area, always plan an escape route. Never drive into an ambush situation.

8. Never allow tunnel vision to run your investigation. The deadly blow could come from the side.

9. Never let your guard down. The well-dressed man with the flashy smile just might be Ted Bundy.

10. Don’t let your job come before family.

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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    GunDiva – #10 is very important. For several reasons. All too often cops become so wrapped up in their work that they tend to forget school plays, little league games, and anniversaries. Then, they sometimes have two new things to remember…child support and alimony.

    Lisa – The bad guy cuffed the officer? Oh, you are aware that the double lock also prevents the cuffs from constantly tightening on someone’s wrists, right?

  2. Lisa Jackson (aka Lisa Haselton)
    Lisa Jackson (aka Lisa Haselton) says:

    Great list.

    A friend recently wrote a scene in her novel about picking the lock on handcuffs – we didn’t know about the double locking feature – just like the bad guy in the story who used the cuffs on the cop he took them from wouldn’t know. 🙂

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