Entry Teams: They’re Coming In, No Matter What

Entry Teams: They're Coming In, No Matter What

One of the most dangerous aspects of police work is search warrant service. Officers never know what’s waiting for them on the other side of those doors. What they do know is that to ensure safety for everyone, including those on the inside, entry must be swift. To get inside quickly officers use a variety of devices and tools, including the Ram-It All In One pictured above.

The Ram-It comes complete with built in features, such as a hand protector and breaching tool and pry bar.

The Super Ram-It Battering Ram is 50lbs of solid steel with a non-sparking head. The Super Ram can be used by one or two officers.

The Heavy-Duty Tactical Entry Set includes all the major tools needed gain entry into the toughest of bad guy hidey holes.

50lb ram

Go bar (pry bar)

Bolt cutter

Shove it knife pops open spring latches

Hydraulic door jamb spreader opens any jamb wide enough to allow the door to easily swing open.