Police In-Service Training


Police officers are required to maintain active certifications. They do so by attending mandatory in-service training along with elective courses held at various academies and agencies. Mandatory in-service training is required at two-year intervals in many states. As usual, this varies from area to area.

Some of the courses offered as part of officer in-service re-certification are:

Pistol Training For Female Law Enforcement


This course addresses firearm and tactical issues from the female officer point of view. The course is designed to enhance the female officer’s survival skills, combat gun-handling skills, and tactical applications. Officers receive training in:

•Firearms safety
•Personal defense.
•Combat mindset.
•Defensive pistol methodology and concepts
•Review of shooting fundamentals
•Tactical Combat Fighting StanceTM
•Ammunition management and reloading techniques.
•Threat assessment.
•Malfunction clearance drills
•Engaging multiple threats
•Shooting on the move
•Body armor defeating drills.
•Weapon retention development

Counter-Terrorism Intelligence for Law Enforcement


The course addresses the best practices from the law enforcement and intelligence communities. Develops advanced intelligence skills. Covers intelligence skills, intelligence laws, and analysis of terrorist operations.

Fighting With Weapons and Counter Measures

An extremely intensive and physically demanding course designed to teach officers to counter close order threats and ambushes.

•Intense physical conditioning
•1 hand striking techniques
•Kicking techniques
•Basic ground fighting principles
•Suspect Ground Containment Drills
•Weapon Retention Drills for Handguns
•Weapon retention drills for long arms
•Weapon retention and manipulation drills on the ground

Advanced knife and stick fighting techniques are also addressed.

I was a police academy instructor/instructor trainer for defensive tactics. I also taught advanced officer survival, weapons retention and disarming, close quarters hand-to-hand combat, and knife and stick fighting. Believe me, the training is extremely demanding, intense, and painful. The timid need not apply.


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  1. jimsplat
    jimsplat says:

    I just tore my rotator cuff in defensive tactics in-service and must consider sugery and a good chuck of time off the job.

    Good post as always.

    Jim Born

  2. Elena
    Elena says:

    I’m delighted to see gun training especially for female officers. No such thing when I was required to take that part of POST training. With my very small hands I spent a lot of time reminding many of the guys who came to see the sideshow (me) “look with your eyes, not with your hands”.

    I couldn’t believe that they wanted me to carry my gun in a purse! For one thing I wasn’t about to go and waste money on some purse when they issued the guys holsters. For me, it was a serious safety issue. I had a shoulder holster made to fit me.

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    I had the pleasure of volunteering at the SWAT Roundup International in Orlando last November. These guys take their jobs very seriously.

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