Numb John Survives Over 104,000 Taser Hits

Numb John Survives Over 104,000 Taser Hits

Numb John is no stranger to abuse by police officers. Over the years he’s been hit with batons, knee strikes, viscous kicks and punches, pepperspray, and he’s even been Tasered, many times. Yet, he comes back for more without a single complaint.

Lifelike training is an important aspect in police training. Sure, officers can aim their weapons downrange and punch holes in a paper target all day long, but it’s not the same as realistic FATS training. Likewise, cops can swing batons at punching bags, but even that isn’t the same as placing a properly executed strike on a knee or elbow. And that’s where training dummies (no, I’m not talking about your partner of 10 years) come in handy. And Numb John and his fellow practice dummies are perfect for the job.

Taser hit

This pair of Numb John’s have already withstood over 104,000 Taser blasts.

Numb John tactical furniture is available for realistic training scenarios.

Other training dummies include:

Strike Man (baton training)

Cuff Man (Handcuffing techniques)

Grapple Man (lifelike limb movement for ground-fighting techniques)

3-D firearms target


Keri – For nursing skills practice

Patient care mannequin

Flexible Randy for fire rescue training

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