0200 hrs.

Wispy fog

Whirling, swirling.


A lone bat.

Looping, swooping.

Night sounds.

Frogs, crickets.

Train whistle, far away.

Radio crackles in still, night air.

Prowler complaint.

Noise outside window.

“I’ll take it.”




Front porch light.



Flittering and fluttering.

Flower bed.


Dried and crispy.

Slight breeze.

Leaves ticking, clicking across weathered porch floor.

Wooden swing.

Rusted chain.


Front entrance.

Paint, peeling.

Loose knob.

A knock.

Door swings inward.


Just a crack.

And a creak.

Tiny face, crinkled with days long since passed.

“I heard them again, Officer.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Damp, anxious eyes.

Faded gray with time.

“They were at the window, like before.”

“I’ll check around back.”

“You’re too kind.”

“I wish my Bill was still here.”

“I know.”

“He’s been gone ten years this week.”

“A good man.”

“Thank you.”


“It’s fresh.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Two sugars and a little cream, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Be right back.”




Neighbor’s house, dark.

Furnace, humming.

Rattles, then stops.


Two minutes pass.

Kitchen window.

Brightly lit.

Darting here and there.

Full coffee pot.

Silver tray.





For two.

Screen door.

Spring, squeaking.


“Everything’s okay.”

“Yes, I do feel better now.”

“Thank you.”

Warm smells.


Fresh bread.

Pumpkin spice.

“It’s just with Bill gone …”

“I know.”

A downward glance.

Wall clock tick-tocking.

A sigh.

A tear.


Tick, tick, tick.

“Would you mind if I sat for a minute?”

A sniffle.

“I’m tired, and really shouldn’t drive.”

“After all, how would that look?”

“A cop asleep at the wheel.”

A smile.


Just like last night.

And the night before.

And the night before.

At 0200,

Ten years after her Bill passed away.


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