Inability to Concentrate During Isolation Leads to Lack of Writing

Is it just me or are you, too, finding it difficult to concentrate these days? The situation is surreal, isn’t it? And it’s causing a lot of what were once highly active brain cells to become dangerously inactive. Yes, energetic people are rapidly slowing their movements and thought processes to the point where those individuals have become practically unrecognizable.

Writers, for example—absolutely intelligent people—are slowly abandoning their craft of weaving intricate plots, “painting” breathtaking settings, and developing layered characters. They’re becoming unwashed, unshaven, pajama-and-slipper-wearing blobs who spend their days creating goofy memes, playing practical jokes on their cats, and concocting bizarre recipes with ingredients made from lint and dust covered, practically unidentifiable “might be food” items found in the far back corners of pantry shelves.

But who can write while trapped inside our homes, in isolation? The only things missing at this point are black and white striped clothing, 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. count times, tower guards armed with rifles, and a roommate named Kila U. Dead #8675309.

Concentration and focus are slipping away, and I’m not sure, but I think it’s starting to affect me. Even writing this blog has become—hold on, I think the Amazon van pulled up. I hope they’re finally delivering the disinfectant I ordered back in early March …

No, it was just the wind.

Hey, did you guys have a bad wind storm last night? We did. Power was out for a while in a few nearby areas. And someone on Nextdoor wrote to say they saw snow flurries around midnight.

So yeah, it’s super hard to concentrate.

Concentrate? Hmm …

I found some Lysol concentrate online. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was like hitting the lottery. Found it the same day I scored toilet tissue and a few cans of beans.

So anyway, back to writing today’s blog article …

Speaking of blogging, did you guys read the article I once wrote a about a 4-foot-tall fortune-teller who escaped from prison. I called it  “Small Medium at Large.”

We haven’t left our property in over three weeks. We have groceries delivered but the pickins’ are thin. Meats are scarce and vegetables are limited to only one or two items per person, and that’s if those items are in stock.

To make up for what we can’t get from the grocery stores we signed up for an online meal delivery service. We select the meals we want and the company ships the ingredients for us to prepare at home. So far the food has been restaurant-quality-delicious. I typically do the cooking but Denene has prepared each of these meals. Since she’s a scientist she’s fantastic at following recipes. Me, I’m a panster—a pinch of this and a glob of that.

Shhh … I think I heard  UPS, or Fed Ex?

Coming up with new blog topics these days is a bit if a chore because … while I’m thinking about it, have any of you tried canned bread? I’d not heard of it before seeing a YouTuber trying it. He said it was a delicious treat loved by many New Englanders. I know, it’s hard to believe that Tom Brady left the Patriots. But Florida is warmer and they have no income tax.

Our state doesn’t have sales tax. That’s why so many people from surrounding states come here to shop


I was writing a blog one day about how lightning works. I was having trouble coming up with an ending, and then it struck me.

Last night during dinner we saw seven deer passing through our backyard. They stopped to have a nibble on the fresh, tender buds that have begun to sprout on the trees. Then something startled them, perhaps the Amazon van heading up the driveway, and they quickly disappeared into the woods. I wish we had some bamboo back there, like the clumping kind we had in California. Did you know that some toilet paper is made from bamboo?

Our garbage is picked up on Fridays and I can always tell when it’s the day to set it out because, without fail, that’s the day it’ll be raining. Yep, like clockwork, it rains on Thursday just as I’m ready to roll the cans out to the roadside.

Anyway, it was nice chatting with you but I have to go now because it’s time to …

What were we talking about?

Oh, yeah. One-liners. Here’s another.

The cop who made donuts decided to quit after he got sick of the hole thing.

Okay, bye now. Stay safe!

And try to concentrate.

By the way, I found some Lysol concentrate online. Amazon delivered it.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. It was like winning the lottery.


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  1. marissoule
    marissoule says:

    I’m with you. Can’t concentrate. Keep flipping from one project to another. Don’t feel like reading. Don’t feel like watching TV.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  2. Pen Wize
    Pen Wize says:

    LOL So true! I did manage to write a poem and I’m thinking about the next scene in my book…percelating stage. Oh, and that is brown bread that comes in the can. You slice it then throw some butter in the pan and let that bread get a nice buttery crust on it and then serve it up with Boston Baked Beans. Mmmm. Haven’t thought about that in hears. I keep watching for the Amazon van, I keep ordering books, yours included. Sometimes I try to order groceries….I feel like I’ve been home for at least a year, it’s been since March sometime….And do think I already had the virus, a very mild case. I have all this time on my hands and I’m not writing much, sigh. I do sit outside on my balcony and read while my dog and cat keep an eye out for squirrels and birds. Sigh. I keep thinking about ice cream.

  3. Kathy McIntosh
    Kathy McIntosh says:

    Oh my goodness! I feel so much better, knowing I’m not alone. Well, I am alone except for my dh & the dog, but my creativity must be sheltering in place with someone else. It was a delight to have a good laugh.

  4. jansenschmidt
    jansenschmidt says:

    You are not alone. I think I’ve written 500 words on my WIP in the past 5 weeks. That’s how long we’ve been sheltering-in-place here. Funny how when you have the time you don’t have the inclination. Good ole Murphy strikes again.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  5. Skye Taylor
    Skye Taylor says:

    I thought it was me. I kept telling myself there’s absolutely NO reason I can’t keep on working on my book productively. Nothing that’s going on with social distancing or lack of shopping cuts into my writing time so why and I NOT writing? Stay Safe, stay healthy – we will get through this.

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