I Spent The Day In The Hospital, AGAIN!


I’m sorry to say, folks, that there won’t be any new posts until Monday at the earliest. This morning I was whisked off to the emergency room at 7am where I remained until a few minutes ago. The insistent, nasty fever and infection won’t seem to leave me alone. I saw an entire new team of doctors today. Let’s hope the test results from today yield better findings. I can’t remember when I’ve been this ill.

Also, I won’t be making my promised appearance at Crime Bake. Sorry!

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  1. Carla F
    Carla F says:

    Rats!! Infections are no laughing matter. My son had one after surgery, and because they couldn’t get an IV into him to keep him hydrated (and they tried every location with no success, until they wanted to try his jugular and that’s where I drew the line), I spent the night waking up every half hour to drop an ounce of water into his mouth ’til the fever passed. I’ll never let him forget that; almost worse than the 20 hours I spent in labor, getting him here in the first place. 🙂 Take care of yourself and drink lots of water so you don’t need an IV in your jugular too. We’ll be thinking good thoughts for you! So sorry you have to miss out on CrimeBake!

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