Hidden Evidence: What’s in Your Wall?

In the world of cops and robbers, there are many rules, both written and unwritten. Writers, of course, enjoy the freedom of making things up as their stories progress from one scene to another. However, a touch of authenticity sprinkled throughout the pages can add a nice touch to a well-crafted tale.

Here’s a tasty tidbit that’s a perfect garnish for your next well-baked tale.

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Hidden Evidence by Lee Lofland

5 replies
  1. susanoleksiw
    susanoleksiw says:

    I found a good place to hide a knife, which I’ll use in a story. Never thought about electrical outlets, but they definitely have possibilities. I’ll look at my house differently now.

  2. Susan Bickford
    Susan Bickford says:

    I’m not seeing the post properly in Chrome. The picture and arrows don’t ever appear, just grayish box. Using Firefox, it’s OK.

    • Lee Lofland
      Lee Lofland says:

      I think refreshing your page will make the box appear. I guess I’ll not use this format. Too many complaints and goodness knows I’ve received enough complaints in the past two weeks.

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