From the Office of the Medical Examiner

Medical examiners sometimes get a bum rap. Their life is not always about plucking the innards from every Tom, Dick, and Harry they meet. M.E.s and coroners play a huge role in solving homicides, and many times they alone do the crime-solving. They’re also responsible for protecting the most valuable piece of evidence in a murder case – the body. Here are a few items used in that process:

Tamper-proof body bag seal (What goes in a body bag, stays in a body bag).

Toe tag (Don’t want to mix up the bodies. Sometimes it’s quite crowded in those cold rooms).

Big Girtha (extra large) body bag w/10 handles and 2 zippers (For those victims who never made that call to Jenny Craig).

Tyvek boot covers – w/PVC bottoms for traction

Evidence drying cabinet

And for that someone special who has everything…

Dead Men Talk (on front) CSIs Listen (on back) T-shirt

Sally Slugger skeleton

Homer Runner skeleton

Crime scene bumper sticker



And for undercover work…

Crime scene boxer shorts

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  1. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:


    Excellent, it will be nice to compare differences at a later stage. Sally Slugger……..I think I’m in love. Can I borrow her and she can sit in the corner of my Office.

    Coroners Officer, England

    “I see dead people”

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