DLWI & T: Driving a Lawnmower While Under the Influence…and a Taser


Facts about Tasers

1. Tasers do not intefere with pacemakers

2. Tasers work in all seasons. There’s no truth about weather interfering with Taser performance.

3. Approximately 200 people have died after being shot with police Tasers.

4. Can you be shot with a Taser for eluding police on a lawnmower? Well, ask Steve…


So, is what you just witnessed the same as what the sergeant in the next video describes?

And just for fun (Please don’t drink or eat while listening to this audio. You could damage your computer. You’ll see what I mean)…


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  1. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    You’re right! Oyster Shack. Did you see the other two videos of Steve getting arrested? Another for lawnmower on the road and the other at his “home” after his wife threw a bong at him.

  2. Elena
    Elena says:

    #1 The cop created the problem so he could pretend he had reason to use his taser. Neither of them were in any danger, and there was no reason for him to escalate it. He could have been waitinig for the dude at the crab shack where he could have gotten assistance of some sort.

    #2 If it’s so harmless, then why don’t they give them the full effect?

    #3 It’s a sad commentary that the idea of women protecting themselves is considered so funny. I thought it was delightful and long overdue.

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