Weekend Road Trip: Paul Beecroft at the Archives of Falconry

International Festival of Falconry at the Englefield Estate, England


Paul Beecroft is employed by the Thames Valley England Police as a Coroner’s Officer.

Just over two weeks ago I left the UK and travelled to Boise, Idaho and spent 4 days at the Archives of Falconry. For those of you that are not aware (probably most) I am a Falconer and have been for many years. I have an avid interest in Falconry history and I am the UK Research Associate for the Archives. In simple terms the Archives is a Museum.

It was founded in 1986 by the Peregrine Fund and is located at The Fund’s World Centre for Birds of Prey. The Archives owes it existence to Lt. Col. S. Kent Carnie, an American Falconer who started it from a very small office at the Peregrine Fund and over the years it has expanded to become what it is today. The goal of the Archives is to collect evidence and the history of falconry worldwide and document the falconer’s role in raptor conservation.

Bronze Peregrine

The Archives’ collections include valuable paintings, books, and artifacts related to falconry from around the world. Historical materials date from 1495 and include collections from every nation where falconry is practiced. International scholars and researchers regularly make use of the Archives, which is the only one of its kind in the world.


Display of falconry hoods

American Kestrel

Arab Falconry Wing

Harpy Eagle

Snake River Canyon

The Archives is open to the public so if you are ever in the area do pay it a visit. You can be assured of a warm welcome.

Paul Beecroft

“I see dead people.”

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  1. sue
    sue says:

    Great article! Looks like nice museum, will definately have to visit sometime.


  2. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:

    Elena……Thank you, you are very welcome. It was really great for me to be there.

    Terry……Yes they can often be a challenge but it is something else when you rescue one and then finally return it to the wild.



  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    Very cool. I worked with a barred owl when I was with the Zoological Society, and just learning some of the very basics of attaching jesses, etc., was a challenge. I admire those who work with these gorgeous birds.

  4. Elena
    Elena says:

    How totally fascinating. I’ve always loved raptors. Thanks Paul, for crossing the pond to tell us about this wonderful place.

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