Weekend Road Trip: Killer Nashville – Day One

Killer Nashville

Have you ever wondered how cops are able to survive those dangerous “gun pointed at me” situations? Or, how they nearly always come out on top and manage to get the cuffs on the crooks during scuffles, fights, knife attacks, and other incredibly bad situations?

Well, at the end of the day one of Killer Nashville I showed the attendees just how it’s done. Then they demonstrated their newly acquired skills.

David Schlosser was kind enough to play the part of the bad guy. After I tossed him around a bit a volunteer from the class took her turn at “arresting” him.

David even endured a bit of pain for the sake of mystery writing.

Who says this is the time to give up?

It’s pretty easy to turn this bad situation into a quick arrest.

David wound up in this position quite a bit.

* Day two coming later.

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