Unusual Cop Tools For Unusual Situations

Unusual Cop Tools For Unusual Situations

We all know there’s a tool made for every task, right? But what if the situation calls for a little something out of the ordinary? Like, when a police officer encounters someone who’s trapped inside a vehicle at night, can’t unhook their seat belt, and can’t roll down the windows. Oh, and the officer forgot to bring his portable radio and he’s lost his voice and can’t yell for help. What tool could possibly help him out of this dilemma?

Well, every tool-savvy officer knows to reach for the Multifunction Rescue Tool (above) when faced with scenarios like the one mentioned above. The tool comes with a built-in LED flashlight, a whistle, and a seat belt cutter. It’s designed for one-handed use and easily clips to a gun belt.

Your hero has spent the last hour chasing some scumbag through the streets where he finally tackled the guy in the alley between Sally’s Cut and Curl and Fred’s House of Ribs. It was a worthwhile foot pursuit because he found $2,000 cash in the doper’s right pants pocket and an equal amount of crack cocaine in the left. Trouble is, your guy has court in five minutes and his uniform is in a mess—pants are wrinkled, tie is off (the bad guy was using it to choke the officer), and he can’t seem to shove his shirt tail back in place. Now, if he’d been wearing a set of shirt garters (above and below) he’d have no worries. The garters help keep the shirt tail down and those ill-fitting cop-socks up.

Had your protagonist shopped at our All Things Odd Cop Emporium, he’d have found a breakaway tie that would have prevented that nasty bruise that’s forming just below his Adam’s apple.

The Breakaway Tie hooks with Velcro tabs at the back of the neck so it can’t be used against the wearer. There’s nothing worse, or more embarrassing, than to be choked with your own tie.

…unless your pants have ever fallen down while you’re wearing those silly-looking shirt garters. That might be a wee bit more embarrassing.

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6 replies
  1. Pat Marinelli
    Pat Marinelli says:

    Lee, when my sister was in acting class they had to work with the police recruits at the academy. She was told ahead of time that one recruit didn’t like to get his hair messed up and one refused to where a clip-tie. The class was told to target them.

    In a domestic scene, she tossed the baby at one guy who had no choice but the catch it, then she went after his weapon. The recruit finally got her cuffed and sat her in the hall while he dealt with hubby. When he came back, she was gone. She has really tiny hands and had slipped the cuffs.

    She said these improvised sessions were the most fun she had in acting class. Needless to say, her writer twin has used most of these examples in her writing.

    I guess now I’ll have to find a situation for the shirt garters.

  2. Lisa Jackson (aka Lisa Haselton)
    Lisa Jackson (aka Lisa Haselton) says:

    My first introduction to shirt garters…now I HAVE to use them in a story.

    Love the multifunction tool, too.

    I knew about clip on ties, but not breakaway ones. I’ve always been curious why nooses, no matter how stylish, are considered part of dressy/business attire. I used to hate having to wear my corporate ID badge around my neck for the same reason – huge choke factor if in the wrong situation (easy to grab/get caught in a door/used against you).

  3. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:


    I always used the clip on tie although a sligtly different version to the one shown but had I even known about the shirt garters I would have given them a miss.


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