Time: A Shift In The Graveyard

With all that’s going on in my life right now, well, it certainly makes me appreciate even more just how precious that life is. So please, take care of yourselves and those who depend on you. Love your family and friends and all other living things, and our wonderful planet. There’s a beautiful universe out there.

And do take advantage of each and every day, for the end is indeed waiting patiently for that final embrace, something I sometimes think of as …

A Shift in the Graveyard, and the thoughts floating about inside my mind often tend to go something like this.

Young eyes, once twinkling lights of hope and promise, give way to fading dreams.

Age weathers our outer shells, weakening once impenetrable barriers between health and disease.

Malignancy devastates foundation, driving out lifetimes of promise and optimism.

Despair waits hopelessly for renew,

And for repair that never arrives.

Alas, around the next turn awaits the end.

For its embrace is certain.

As certain as time itself.


*Photos by Sunday Kaminski

Sunday’s photographs have appeared in The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, and in various shows and galleries.

*I’m frantically taking care of WPA details, preparing for our rapidly approaching move—another departure from California, our family’s health issues, home inspections, meetings with potential movers and, well, there was simply no time to write anything cop-related. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, check out my Facebook page to view a few of the cool auction items soon to be available from the Writers’ Police Academy – Lunch in NYC with Lee Child. A character name in the next Reacher book. A character name in Stuart Woods’ next book. A weeklong law enforcement-only Crime Scene Technology class at the elite Sirchie compound in Raleigh, N.C. A guitar signed by the Oak Ridge Boys. A Murder She Wrote script signed by head writer/showrunner Tom Sawyer, and more! So many super nice items and one or all could soon be yours!!



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