Theft Detection Products


Invisible Fluorescent Pen

This pen is used to mark porous items, such as currency and other paper. The pen’s markings become visible when exposed to UV light.


Fluorescent crayons can be used to secretly mark a variety of items, such as tires, money, wood, metal, glass, etc. Their markings are invisible until exposed to UV light.


Theft detection sprays are applied to items, such as papers, floors, doorknobs, filing cabinets, safes, drawer pulls, etc. When the thief touches the treated surface, the detection spray is transferred to his fingertips and hands. It also transfers to the thief’s clothing, pockets, buttons, and zipper, and anything else he touches. The spray remains on the thief’s hands for days and glows brightly when exposed to UV light.


For about $300.00 a detective can purchace an entire kit of theft detection equipment containing all the items pictured above, including the UV light, and more.

Thanks to Tri-Tech, Inc.

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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    Somewhere around fifty years ago I wrote and illustrated all the things I wanted to have in order to be a top notch detective. Both of these were included – only they didn’t exist yet. I definitely outdid Dick Tracy on the technology applications.

    To my amusement almost all of them are in practical use now. A few are still in the Inspector Gadget realm.

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