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  1. Terry Odell
    Terry Odell says:

    My brother worked for a winery for a while, and lived on a winery in Healdsburg for another while. Love the wine country (but many argue that Sonoma wines are better–or at least Sonoma is ‘better’ because it’s got less tourism hype than Napa.

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  2. Helen McMullin
    Helen McMullin says:

    Love Napa Valley. Last year we rode the wine train, which is a marvelous way to see the Valley and enjoy good food and great wine in comfort and out of traffic. Poetry in motion.

  3. Lynette Robey
    Lynette Robey says:

    The beginning of my WIP is set in Napa Valley. Love that place. Thanks for the photos. Thank you Lee for all the information you give us. Lynette

  4. Michele Drier
    Michele Drier says:

    Loved the pictures, Lee. I live about 60 miles away, on the edge of the huge wine-grape growing area of the San Joaquin Valley (think Mondavi, Gallo and better than 100 smaller wineries). Tons of the grapes grown here end up at Napa Valley wineries, and in my latest mystery, Labeled for Death, field workers are found dead…tucked up under the vines. It’s a tale of passion for wine and greed set against some of the history of California wines.

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