The Language of Law Enforcement: Acronyms and Texting Codes

It’s sometimes difficult for the public to decipher the 10-Codes used by police agencies, 10-4?

To add to the confusion, there are hundreds of acronyms. To name only a few:

ACU – Asian Crimes Unit
ADW – Assault with a Deadly Weapon
AFIS -Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AG – Attorney General
AGU – Asian Gang Unit
ATF – Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
BAM – By Any Means
BOLO – Be on the Lookout
CAP – Crimes Against Persons
CHP – California Highway Patrol
CI – Confidential Informant
CIR – Critical Incident Report
CO – Commanding Officer
CODIS – Combined DNA Index System
CP – Command Post
DA – District Attorney
DB -Dead Body
DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency
DL – Drivers License
DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA – Do Not Approach
DOB – Date of Birth
DOJ – Department of Justice
DPS – Department of Public Services
DSS – Department of Social Services
ERT – Emergency Response Team
FBI -Federal Bureau of Investigation
FI -Field Interview
FO – Field Office
GIU – Gang Intelligence Unit
GSR – Gunshot Residue
IA – Internal Affairs
IED – Improvised Explosive Device
IO – Investigating Officer
KA – Known Associate
LWP – Life Without Parole
MCT – Mobile Computer Terminal
MDT – Mobile Digital Terminal
ME – Medical Examiner
NCIC – National Crime Information Center, National Crime Index  Computer
OC – Organized Crime
OCU – Organized Crime Unit
OD – Overdose
OIS – Officer Involved Shooting
OT – Overtime
PC – Probable Cause
PI – Private Investigator
RO – Reporting Officer
ROR – Released On Own Recognizance
RTD – Return To Duty
SIS – Special Investigation Section
TOD -Time of Death
UNSUB -Unknown Subject
VICAP – Violent Criminal Apprehension Program

Texting Codes

Now, in keeping up with the cool kids, cops have their own set of texting codes. Without revealing their true secrets let’s imagine some of the codes officers might use when texting among themselves. Hmm … perhaps they’re something like this …

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bullets

SOMSL – Shhh… Open Mic, Sergeant Listening

RBLGP – Running Blue Lights, Gotta Pee

MOMHHPAD – Moons Over My Hammy Half Price At Denny’s

FCADD – Free Coffee At Dunkin’ Donuts

GARSRTC – Got A Runner, Sending Rookie To Chase

NBLGIJL – Need Backup, Left Gun In Jail Lockbox

ANLKIC – Assistance Needed, Locked Keys In Car

C4MNBB – Cover For Me, Need Bathroom Break

K9BRSSAA – K9 Bit Runner, Send Supervisor and Ambulance

DPIBCC – Drunk Puked in Backseat, Cleaning Car

YBLAO – Your Blue Lights Are On (Officers sometimes forget to switch them off after clearing a scene or traffic stop).

OOSK9JCIMC – Out Of Service, K9 Just Crapped In My Car

NAGAK – Need Assistance, Getting A** Kicked

911 – HELP!

911911911911911 – HELP ME NOW!!!

911911911911911911911911!!!! – You’re moving far too slowly. I’m bleeding and he’s still hitting me and stabbing me and shooting at me!!!! Hurry up!! Ouch!!! Ouch!!!! Ouch!!!

RABWLAHCSC – Reading Another Book Where Lazy Author Had Character Smell Cordite

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