Stuff You Didn’t Know…


We’re always talking about guns, handcuffs, murder, dead bodies, PI’s and detectives. But what about the stuff we don’t talk about? Well, for starters…

Jail Toilets and Showers

Ya gotta have ’em. After all, those boys in black and white stripes can’t hold it for life. But we all know how pesky those darn inmates can be, right? They love harmless practical joking as well as the next guy. Jokes like flooding an entire wing by clogging toilet and sink drains with toilet tissue. How do jail officials handle those little pranks? Here’s a couple solutions to the problem:


I-Con’s (The company name is a tad bit ironic, don’t you think?), touch-controlled water sensor valve. The control is totally tamper proof and has no moving parts. None, not even a pin that could be transformed into an eye-poking implement.


Electronic controllers are used on prison and jail water valves. These devices deliver pre-set amounts of water at pre-determined times. No more, no less. Some jail toilets are designed to flush only once or twice per day.

Prison and Jail Ministry

Companies such as Good News Jail & Prison Ministry provide (for a fee) spiritually motivated ministers to corrections facilities. Good News provides over 400 ministers to over 100 facilities world wide.

Throw Phones

Throw phones are used in hostage negotiations. The phones are “thrown” to the hostage-taker for direct communication with the police. The system is designed to work at distances up to 1500 feet.

Drug Raids

Not all drug raids are like those you see on TV. Thanks to a video sent in by our own Dave Swords, we can take a peek at real one that took place in Ohio.

(Be sure your sound is on)


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3 replies
  1. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Okay, Lee.

    I hadn’t even noticed it, but then had to run it about 4 times. It does look like a gun at first glance.

    Now get packing, er… unpacking.

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    You’re absolutely correct, Dave. I’ve removed my comment about the pistol.

    The dust cloud is hard to see among all the boxes. So much unpacking to do.

  3. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Good morning, Lee. I hope the dust is beginning to settle in your new digs.

    I watched that video several times and I think I know which officer you’re speaking of, but it looks to me as though he may be pointing a gloved hand at the woman, not a gun. It’s hard to tell because the screen darkens when paused.

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