Cop Talk


BOLO – Be on the lookout. (Replaces APB – All Points Bulletin). “We received a BOLO for a stolen Ford Pinto.”

“I exited my vehicle.” – Cop talk for, “I got out of my car.”


“I activated my emergency equipment.” – “I turned on my lights and siren.”

The County – Term used when referring to deputy sheriffs. “Call The County and have them meet us at the line to exchange prisoners.”


City Boys – City police officers.


“The Man Upstairs.” – The chief or sheriff. “You must have really messed up this time. The Man Upstairs wants to see you, now.”

DWO – Driving While Old.


Hood Ornament – Suspect (perpetrator/scrote/@&%hole) crossing the street in front of police car.


*     *     *


The deadline for the contest is July 31st!

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