Southland: The Fans Speak

Southland: The fans spoke

Southland fans know what to expect each week. That’s why their couches are fitted with seat belts, their night-lights are blue strobes, and they wear Kevlar pajamas to bed.

I’ve watched Southland for five years, as a fan and reviewer. During those five years I’ve come to know some of the actors, producers, directors, and fans of the show. They’re a great group of people who really try their best to portray police officers and what they do in the most accurate light possible. And, even though that accuracy may not always be the most flattering side of police work to see, most law enforcement professionals deeply appreciate the honesty and the attention to detail.

Not only is Southland a stellar TV show, it’s the core of an extremely large family. I’ve never witnessed anything like it, anywhere. Sure, other shows have large, devoted fan bases, people who practically worship the stars of the shows. Castle fans are a great example of this undying devotion to their favorite show and it’s cast members. However, shows like Castle are a world away from the personal connection that Southland fans enjoy. Yes, their favorite actors from the show interact with fans on social media and during their many public appearances. They communicate with their fans, sometimes even going so far as to explain why their characters do what they do. The stars adore their fans as much as the fans adore them. You send a message to Michael Cudlitz (John Cooper) or Shawn Hatosy (Sammy Bryant) and you’ll most likely see a response nearly as quickly as Sammy runs the hundred yard dash. And, if you stick around long enough you just might hear a word or two from proud family members of the cast.

Anyway, Southland recently completed season number five, with the final episode ending with one of the most dramatic season finales of all time. Never mind wondering what happened to Tony Soprano and family after the screen went black…John Cooper was shot multiple times by officers from his own beloved LAPD! If ever there was a time for Steve Perry to sing, well, that was it.

So, in honor of the show, and hoping to see a season 6, #Southland fans from all over the world sent me what they thought were the best scenes and/or lines from season 5. So, without further ramblings from me, I present to you, some of the fans of the best darn cop show on TV.

Fan favorite scenes and/or lines from Southland season 5:

@ArtVanZant – Coop breaking the beer bottle with the slingshot.

@RealVaBluehen – Cooper leans in and whispers final words to his dad. Nobody knows what he said.

@thekelliejane – I loved when Coop drove the car into the charged puddle to rescue the little boy, the talk w/ his drunk TO, & Chuck Norris convo…

@todteach – Oh one of my absolute favorites was when Cooper rescued the boy surrounded by downed power lines! You go Coop. Also, I love the ice cream stand off but I also like Coopers showing his vulnerability, w/Dewey, about a baby etc.

@justbex – My favorite moment was @ShawnHatosy speech in Ep 10. At the end of the day, he’s a great guy. And, Cooper’s discussion w/ the guy who kept trying to kill himself. “Maybe the right one stays.” Loved it.

@EbonySmurfette – Lady steps over Ben to get cash after he wrestles the thief Cooper’s ice cream stand off.

@julesm – So many. Love the scene in The Felix Paradox where Sammy & Ben are taking the girl home. Lighter moments are nice sometimes.

@InTheMoment – Too many favorite scenes, but one of the best was in “Bleed Out” when Cooper crawled under the bus to stay with the woman.

@Bluegrassbabe3 – I can’t narrow it down to one scene.

@AlleysPlace – I have a few. Funny/endearing was Cooper/Dewey after his heart attack. Cudlitz & C Thomas Howell priceless together.

@houseofyen – I loved Lydia running down and fighting it out with the boxer girlfriend.

Maegan Beaumont – There are so many great scenes that come to mind but the one that’s really stayed with me is when Cooper held the hand of that young woman trapped under the bus. The way he held her hand and stayed with her, even when EMS told him to get out of the way, speaks volumes about the compassion and dedication that law enforcement officers have for the communities that they serve. Michael Cudlitz is a phenomenal actor and Southland is an extraordinary show.

Bob Mueller – Keeping in mind I haven’t seen the last two episodes yet: “He shot the “effing” dog, too?” Episode 8, I think. Sammy and Ben on the welfare check of the jumper’s family.

Karen Davidson – I will try to narrow this down to a few scenes. Heh. And I’m sure they are all going to feature Cooper. The scene in episode 2 when Steele cowers behind the patrol car and then tries to explain why he did that to Cooper. As Cooper removes Steele’s badge he says, “You don’t have to convince me.” Cooper with the Down’s Syndrome woman who has a crush on him. The scene between Cooper and Hicks after Cooper has had Hicks handcuffed in the house all day. The scene with Lydia and Sgt Hill when she hands over the toy plane. All scenes with the tweakers, Cooper, and Lucero.

Geoffrey Lin – The two minute fight scene between Ofc. Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) and one of the bank robbers after he corners him on the last car of on the LA Metro subway. It was a very realistic no-hold-barred scene that doesn’t look at all choreographed.

Of course, some of my favorite comments were about my reviews. The comment below was in response to the write-up of the season 5 finale.

@cuffmecuslitz – LeeLofland kudos to you. Your words made my eyes well with tears. Well done!

Finally, @DollyMamaB wrote to say her cellphone ringtone is the Southland theme song. Mine, too, Dolly…

See you all in season 6…right, TNT?


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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Just a reminder that you can go to the right sidebar of this page to the “Categories” section and scroll until you see the two Southland links. Click there and you’ll find reviews of all the past episodes. Season 5 is in a category by itself. Again, thanks for reading and for supporting Southland!

  2. Sareeta
    Sareeta says:

    Lee, I found your blog about a week ago. I wish I had found it sooner, as it would have been fun to read your perspective on each episode as I was watching. Still, in the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6 (I am praying we get season 6) I have been watching seasons 1-3 and reading your old recaps. I love reading about all the things Southland has done “right” and also your personal anecdotes.

    Anyway, I have to agree with all the scenes listed by other commenters, my favorites being 1) Cooper listening to the End of Watch alone, 2) Ben and Sammy’s fight, and 3) Cooper and Hicks at the end of “Hero”. Stellar acting this season from the entire cast.

    A couple more:

    1. Cooper collapsing on the ground as he reaches the gas station at the end of “Chaos”. He’d been through so much in that episode and the way he can barely breathe and just crumples to the ground was heartbreaking.

    2. Lydia and Russell sitting together on the beach at the end of episode 10. At least one character might have gotten a happy ending.

    Thanks again for your blog. Please, TNT, renew this show!

  3. Joyce Faulhaber
    Joyce Faulhaber says:

    Thank you, Lee, for doing this. It’s always enjoyable reading your reviews and I have learned a great deal about police procedures etc. I have appreciated reading what you and another’s from law enforcement thought of the show as well. I only “discovered” your reviews at the beginning of season 5 but am glad I did. I’m afraid I can’t narrow it down to one best scene or line, as there are so many great ones. I guess that speaks to the incredible strength of the show. I agree with you regarding the interaction between the actors and fans. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. Very cool indeed. This show is the total package, just a great ensemble of very talented and skilled people working very hard to put together an amazing show. I, too, hope TNT will renew SouthLAnd for a season 6. As you know, Facebookd and Twitter are full of comments and requests for renewing SouthLAnd by a fiercely loyal fan base. Love it! It has been a privilege watching the best cop drama, SouthLAnd! Thank you again, Lee.

  4. Heather
    Heather says:

    I agree with Eve, Dewey never fails to crack me up. He’s so quick w/ the raunchy wit too, I find myself catching it a second later and lmao. What brings it full circle though is his loyalty and sense of family with Cooper. He gives Cooper hell, but seeing him pacing, anxious like a caged lion when Coop was missing – man, that got to me!

    Anyway, My fave moments from last season:
    1. Cooper and Sherman at the bar, not saying much, but saying tons through stellar acting. There’s so much baggage there and it was perfectly played. They both still carry the weight of how sideways things went at the end of Ben’s training.
    2. Sammy in the season finale, talking to his son Nate. He could’ve easily been talking to his former partner, talking out what he’d learned about who he is as a cop. It gave me that painful throat lump.
    3. Cooper on the roof, alone, during the End of Watch for Hank.
    4. Lydia chasing down the boxer and slugging it out. That was awesome!
    5. Lydia and Ruben when he wanted her to turn the case over to IA. She was being her typical bulldog self and Ruben said he knew what she was doing and he wasn’t going anywhere. He’s beta to her alpha, but he ain’t no joke. What an awesome partnership!

    Southland’s finest season to date. Here’s hoping season 6 is even better! =)

  5. Eve
    Eve says:

    I adore this show and am praying for a 6th season with all my heart.

    My all-time favorite lines this year belonged to Dewey:

    1. “It’s like a limp d**k, you can’t beat it!”

    2. When he was telling the Hispanic undercover officer to go mow his lawn after he was finished, and the Hispanic officer said, “I just went by your house and trimmed your wife’s bush!”

    I love the raunchy humor between men.

    The entire episode of “Chaos” had me on the edge of my seat. I needed a cocktail after watching that and I hardly ever drink! I felt like I was watching people I know and care about go through that ordeal.

    Overall amazing season, and let’s hope for more Southland!!

  6. Becky
    Becky says:

    Lee – Thank you for compiling these. My favorite time of the year for the last few years has been “SouthLAnd” season, with your accompanying reviews being the highlight of my week. Before finding your blog, I always wondered what cops themselves thought of the show, so it was refreshing to find that you (as with others) find it fairly realistic. I am completely torn regarding the season 5 finale – after going through the full five stages of grief, I can see now why some said the ending was satisfying. Although I would have hoped for a happier ending, the ending stayed true to the “show that never lies.” I so hope it comes back for a Season 6, but if it does not – I can make peace with that (eventually). My weeks are less full now, but I’m glad to have the friends I have made through our connection to this powerful and beautiful slice of television.

  7. maegan
    maegan says:

    Hoping like crazy for a season 6. I’d like to see Lydia happy, Cooper recover–physically and emotionally, Sam finally let go of the guilt over what happened to his partner, Nate and Sherman redeem himself… and possibly find a nice, normal, non-psychotic girl to whom he can commit–but really, I’ll take Southland any way I can get it. It’s a fantastic show, full of phenomenally dedicated actors.

    p.s. I’d also like to know if Chickie ever made SWAT.

  8. 1015 Adam Henry
    1015 Adam Henry says:

    Maybe Ted Turner can create an all cop show network. You know, all the classics; Dragnet, Adam-12, TJ Hooker, etc. All cops, all the time, 24-hours a day. I want my cop TV! Admittedly, I couldn’t get into Southland when it premiered on NBC. I took a shine to it last season with pretty much Lucy Liu as a point of interest. To her credit, she fits the uniform…I meant that professionaly and not the other way around. That said, my favorite scenes from last season are:

    Ofcr Jones and Sammy talking at the barbecue while Sherman takes a swim.

    Captain Rutger passing out McDonald’s applications during briefing

    Ofcr Jones and Sammy placing bets before rousting guys at the corner and then the P-2 losing one of them during the chase

    Jones, Sammy, Sherman together with Captain Rutger taking down a 417 suspect.

  9. Pat Marinelli
    Pat Marinelli says:

    I hope we’ll see a season 6. I voted for it. I hope TNT listens. Thanks all for the memories of wonderful scenes from Southland. Love the show and your reviews.

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