Police: Unusual Tools of the Trade

Police: Unusual Tools of the Trade


There are lots of tricks of the trade to make police work go a little easier. Here’s a few of those unusual little gadgets.


Handcuff key with built-in light source. Anyone who has tried to unlock a pair of cuffs in the dark will definitely appreciate this item.


Double flex cuffs. Extra wide to avoid cutting into a suspect’s wrists.


Flex cuff cutter.


Flex cuff cutter.


Breaching sledge used for tactical entry during search warrant service. This tool is a combination sledge hammer and pry bar. The handle is electrically non-conductive in case a strike contacts electrical wires.


Mobile home door breacher for prying open those pesky metal doors. Remember, mobile home doors always open out. You can’t kick them in or use a battering ram.


Seat belt cutter used to quickly release trapped passengers.


Tactical hydration vest for long missions. Officers drink from the attached hose and bite valve.


Resister gloves with Kevlar lining for protection against sharp objects.

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  1. SZ
    SZ says:

    Funny little farm fact, those pesky white trashers need their own tool to break into their mobile home !

    And, no that suit did not make the mouses bum look fat.

  2. l.c.mccabe
    l.c.mccabe says:


    My son absolutely loved the mouse pic.

    He started scrolling down to see more, but I had to tell him that was the only one like that in the post.

    Thanks for the laugh.


  3. Bill Cameron
    Bill Cameron says:

    I am totally getting the mouse suit. And I have a CamelBack, though, to be sure, I don’t use it for extended tactical deployments, unless you define a long bike ride as an extended tactical deployment!

  4. Terry
    Terry says:

    While visiting my retired BLM law enforcement b-i-l, he showed me some newer cuffs that look like they’re made out of shoelace material. Woven fabric with plastic gizmos that the laces are threaded through; you pull to tighten. He said the advantage is that there’s some kind of material inside that won’t let a bad guy use his shoelaces to get out of the nylon flex cuffs. And they’re easy to carry, being soft and flexible.

  5. Bobby M
    Bobby M says:

    Lee — you might have left out a VERY important piece of equipment: The hat with the cup holders and straw. I think many professions would find that useful 🙂

    Oh, you better hope Tom Cruise or Paramount don’t come after you for that picture. Though I would venture to say that the mouse is taller than Cruise. (Oops, Tom mitght come after ME for that one)

  6. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Elena – Cops are way ahead of you. They’ve used that style hat for many uses, including hidden cameras. They work great during undercover drug deals.

  7. Elena
    Elena says:

    So that’s how the mice in my basement do it! I’ve been wondering 🙂

    That seat belt cutter looks like something I’d like to have in my car just in case.

    Just recently saw a baseball style cap with a couple of leds in the brim, something else that could be a useful adjunct to this list.

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