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Dallas, Texas – Jose Corona is accused of decapitating his wife with a chainsaw. Police discovered two chainsaws at the scene. Both power tools were covered in blood and human tissue, and one was still running. So is Jose Corona.

Accused murderer Jose Corona

Lexington, N.C. – Arthur Mims led S.C. police on a 100 mile chase on Interstate 85 from South Carolina to Davidson County, N.C., where he held police in a 3-hour stand off. That section of highway (north and southbound lanes) was closed while police negotiators attempted to talk Mims into surrendering.  Instead of giving up, the man who’d shot his wife to death, fired a bullet into his stepdaughter’s face, and then set their house on fire, drank a gallon of bleach while police stood nearby. Finally, after vomiting copious amounts of blood, Mims asked for a bottle of water in exchange for his surrender. Officials say Mims was arrested without incident. I guess they didn’t consider the chase, the bleach, the twenty-two police cars from two states that were involved in the pursuit, and shutting down a major highway for three hours during commute time, worth mentioning. Mims remains in the hospital.

Mims is seen in red shirt with hands cuffed behind his back.

Wilkinsburg, Pa. – Police say a 3rd grader is accused of passing out bags of heroin to fellow grade-schoolers. The child was in possession of between 50 and 60 bags of the suspected drug. Each package was labeled “Trust Me.”

Detroit, Mi. – Remember the case involving militia members who wanted to kill police officers? Well, apparently the FBI is having trouble remembering them. When lead agent Leslie Larsen took the stand during the bond hearing she often stated that she couldn’t remember many of the specific details of the case, she hadn’t listened to the undercover recordings, she wasn’t sure if any of the weapons seized during the raid were illegal, and that she hadn’t reviewed all the case files. She said these things AFTER the federal judge told the agent she had a week to prepare. Agent Larsen was asked if the head of the militia had ever instructed anyone to make a bomb. Her answer was, “I can’t fully answer that question.”

Accused militia members

Lake George, N.Y. – Seventeen years ago, Patrick Penders engaged in a shootout with police officers from the state police and sheriff’s office. He served 6 years in prison for that incident. This week Penders decided to fire shots into the home of a female friend and then lead police on a brief pursuit that again ended in a shootout with officers from the state police and county sheriff’s office. One of Pender’s .357 rounds grazed a sheriff’s sergeant, a wound that required 18 stitches. Another sergeant was shot, but his vest stopped the bullet. Police then terminated the threat. The incident will not replay in another 17 years.

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  1. Dave Freas
    Dave Freas says:

    There is heroin in the area. As to how widespread its use is, I have no idea, but it’s nowhere near the level seen in cities. But I believe arrests for possesssion and distribution have been on the rise of late. Very often the arrests for distribution involve dealers from Philadelphia and New York City, both about 2 hours from here.

  2. Dave Freas
    Dave Freas says:

    Then I am in the wrong. I didn’t know there was a Wilkinsburg in PA (near Pittsburgh). There was an almost identical incident in Wilkes-Barre (in the northeastern part of the state) not too long ago, although now that I think about it, that one involved a middle school student.

    That snowstorm will live forever as one of the most shameful episodes in PennDoT history. They really blew it! It wasn’t just the Interstates that were impassible, it was everywhere.

  3. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Dave S. – I agree. It doesn’t look good for the home team. the prosecutor claims they weren’t aware that this agent would be testifying until the last minute. But…

    Dave F. – I don’t know. The story ran on several large news sources, such as AP and CBS, and they all indicated Wilkinsburg (I noticed that I’d spelled the name of the city incorrectly). But you know the area better than I do. I’ve only passed through Wilkes Barre a couple of times. One of those was during a snowstorm that shut down the interstate and I was re-routed through there. What a nightmare that was. The national guard was going in and bringing out stranded motorists. Accidents everywhere. It looked like a graveyard for overturned tractor trailers.

  4. Dave Freas
    Dave Freas says:

    I think the PA city where the 3rd grader handing out bags of heroin should be Wilkes-Barre (about an hour from my home), instead of Wilksburg. I remember the local news reporting the incident.

  5. Dave Swords
    Dave Swords says:

    Hi, Lee.

    It sounds as though Agent Larsen either ended her career, or there is something else a little funny going on. Like trading little fish for bigger fish.

    Either way, the FBI looks bad on this one, just based on what you’ve said here.

  6. Elena
    Elena says:

    Memories – my first taste of moonshine was brought to me by one of my students. His uncle brewed this prizewinning breath removing liquid lightning, and sent a tad along to me in a mason jar. Only his prize was from a totally illegal moonshine festival in south GA which had to change sites three times in one day in order to avoid those pesky revenuers.

    One taste of that and I knew exactly how a catalytic converter must feel.

    Were I still in GA, I’d join you, but WI is just too much driving for me. So, I send a good time to be had by all.

  7. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Michele – NC is pretty cool. I’ll be watching for your registration.

    Lisa – Definitely a small town, but very quaint and very friendly. I added the brief touch of history for those who may need it for their writing.

  8. Lisa Haselton
    Lisa Haselton says:

    Back home within an hour? lol

    The cars look cool, and so does the moonshine set up. Small street of a small town, huh?

    Thanks for a little bit of history. Interesting way to find a way into racing. 🙂 And I never knew there were so many words for moonshine.


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