Police Equipment: What Does That Thing Do?



Today we continue our look at the somewhat odd equipment used by police officers.


Special bumper attachments, called push bumpers, allow officers to push disabled cars off the highway without damaging the patrol vehicle.


The center consoles in police vehicles normally do not come factory installed. They’re available for purchase at most police supply companies, such as Galls (Galls product pictured above) and they’re installed by department motor pool technicians.

The hard plastic, or metal, containers are available in a variety of designs to suit many purposes. The console pictured above is designed to hold light, radio, and siren controls. It also has a storage compartment that’s just the right size to conceal a box of Krispy Kremes.


Seat organizers hold an officers supplies (paperwork, handcuffs, summons book etc.) even during high speed driving and braking.


Lock pick kit and instruction manual.


Shotgun locking systems can be installed in a variety of places within a patrol car. The one pictured above locks the 12 gauge shotgun in an upright position between the front seats, which allows access from both sides of the vehicle.


Teardrop dashlights plug into the cigarette lighter for easy use. The lights come with a black hood for concealment. They also come with a half-hood for placement over the back portion of the dome to shield the driver’s eyes from the blinding flashes of light.


Lock out kit for opening locked car doors.

The two long, flat objects on the right are called Slim Jims. Officers insert the end with the various cut-outs (the red end is a handle) between the window glass and door frame, and then attempt to hook the door locking mechanism. If they’re successful, a slight tug unlocks the car door. However, this equipment works best on older cars. Newer vehicles are equipped with more wiring and moving parts which makes it quite easy for the officer to damage something while he’s poking and prodding around inside the car door.

(Galls photos)

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    Where’s the slim jim for opening car doors? OOO, an instruction manual for the lock picks! And how often do they share those Krispy Kremes with you?


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