Police Driver Training

Police Driving Simulator: Writers' Police Academy 2011


Police officers are taught emergency driving skills while attending the basic police academy. Each driving course is designed to simulate various real-life scenarios. Car tires are over-inflated to prevent the rubber from separating from the rims when cornering at high-speeds.

Instructors ride with the students during the first hours of training.


Skid pan driving simulates wet roadway conditions.


Drivers on skid pan courses learn to control hydroplaning vehicles.


Skid pan cars can be equipped with an extra set of wheels that lift the car off the ground a little at a time, reducing traction.


Academy students practice driving on courses that simulate highway and city driving. Each course must be successfully completed within a specified time frame while knocking over as few cones as possible. Students are graded accordingly. Points are deducted from the student’s final score for each cone they hit.


Recruits practice pursuit driving.

Aerial view of Houston Police Department driving course. (Google image).


Police academy driving simulator.

Officers must be prepared to drive at breakneck speeds on all surfaces.


Here’s a link to a video of real police driver training in North Carolina. Be sure your audio is on. Oh, and notice the lack of brake lights.


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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Gee, Pat. I kind of enjoyed Disneyland when I went, but then again, I’m a big kid.

    Terry – You should see all the orange marks on the police cars at the end of the training. You’d think we knocked them all down.

    minichno – I try to make this fun, if possible. After all, it’s not all bullets and donuts.

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