New And Unusual Cop Stuff

Even cops have to keep up with the times. And to do so, the folks at the drawing boards must devise new products for use in the field. Here’s a peek at what’s rolling off the assembly lines these days.

Unlike traditional car seats, ABS Transport Seats offer room for elbows and handcuffed wrists. The ABS material makes clean up (with a garden hose) a breeze, too. You know, for those accidental bladder incidents, and the drunks who just can’t seem to hold their liquor, beer, pickles, pizza, cotton candy, hot dogs, and ice cream.

Toshiba makes the ultimate CopTop computer called the Portégé M780 Tablet PC. It’s even designed to take the rough and tumble activity that goes hand-in-hand with patrol work.
The Weather Tracker is a hand held weather monitoring device that also features a ballistics calculator. So, whichever way the wind blows a savvy shooter will always remain on target.
It’s a pen. No, it’s a weapon. Or, is it an evidence collection device? The answer is… all three. The UZI Tactical Pen is capable of note-taking and ticket-writing, but its specially designed top delivers a painful punch when used as a weapon. The top also collects torn flesh from the suspect for later DNA analysis, if needed.
Pro-Guard’s level II Ballistic Ticket Board is capable of stopping three rounds from a .357 at a distance of fifteen feet. The level I board can stop three 9mm rounds from the same distance. The board’s ergonomically placed handle also comes in handy.
Bust-A-Cap baton tips screw on the end of a standard ASP (expandable baton). Once in place the officer then may use the baton as a glass breaking tool for gaining entry to locked vehicles, etc. Perfect for rescuing trapped crash victims.

SafariLand’s Lightning Spray-On fingerprint powder is perfect for those hard-to-dust areas, such as ceilings and some vertical surfaces. The spray comes in all the traditional colors.

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I want one of those pens! Cool stuff.

    Lee, I have a question. Do you know of a good source for researching Cold Case Squads?

    I have two books-
    “The Restless Sleep: Inside New York Citie’s Cold Case Squad”
    “The Science of Cold Case Files”

    The first one is pretty good, the second is a re-hash of the A&E tv show, so I’m suspicious.

    Louisville Metro Police has a Cold Case Squad- I thought of contacting their Public Relations person, but I was looking for a little more background first.


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