It Ain’t Always Sunny In Paradise…But It’s Always Paradise

It Ain't Always Sunny In Paradise...But It's Always Paradise




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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Reminds me of Cape Cod, except for the palm trees… Looks lovely, although I am just as happy to have to have the contrast of fall and winter to compare those summer sunny days to. Enjoy!

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    I lived in New England for a while, and was more than happy to trade the bitter cold and snow for this weather. By the way, I just left the beach where the sun was shining brightly.

  3. Texanne
    Texanne says:

    Might not be sunny, but I bet you there’s folks in New England who’d trade what they’ve got for what you’ve got.

    Sweet, melancholy photos. Thanks.

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