Hot Crimes of the Times

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Some crimes seem to come and go with the times. They’re the in-thing at the moment, like bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and Sarah Palin. Eventually they all go away.

(Calm down. It’s just a joke. I’m sure former the former governor/former political candidate is a lovely person when she’s not shooting wolves from helicopters 🙂

Here are three of the hottest crimes out there today. Be aware!

“The Foreclosure Bail Out”

A homeowner who’s behind on house payments receives a call from a really nice person who offers to buy their home (for mere pennies) and then lets the cash-strapped, former owner live in the home. The homeowner is also given the option to buy back the home at a time when things are better financially. However, the moment the “renter” falls a second behind on the rent, they’re given the boot.

“Mortgage Elimination Scam”

A homeowner who’s behind on mortgage payments is approached by a helpful company that promises to eliminate their mortgage. That’s right, they promise to wipe the slate clean by using some magical paperwork only known about and used by the wealthy. For a low, low, one time fee the company offers to save the day. Of course, after a few months of not paying the mortgage, the banks steps up to foreclose.

Financial Fraud of the Elderly

This one has been around forever and shows no sign of leaving. People take advantage of the elderly in various ways, such as the man who posed as a doctor, luring seriously ill people to other countries for treatment. According to the FBI, this so-called doctor received over $500,000 from patients and over $2 million from investors.

* To help combat these, and other crimes-on-the-rise, the government has allocated over $1 billion to the DOJ (Department of Justice) COPS program to add 5,500 new police officers to departments across the country. COPS is the Community Oriented Policing Services program.

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  1. SZ
    SZ says:

    How do they scam on the forcloser bail out if a payment is never missed.

    Sadly, Terry has a point. My Grandmother had not locked her door in her hey day.

    Another thing to avoid for your self is using your “Mothers Maiden name” for your bank security. Thanks to geneology websites, the ID theifs have that, my Fathers middle name, well, any family name, High School mascot … All passwords at the bank, …. are made up and not even a pet name. The 4 of your SS # is available on line as well. I am 10 months still in battle with ID Theft.

  2. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Hi, Terry.

    Sad to say, but if scams on the elderly become less frequent in the future, it certainly won’t be due to a lack of trying on the part of the thieves.

    The internet has added a completely new dimension to scams.

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    I wonder if this kind of scam will get less frequent as the next generation becomes the ‘elderly’. We’re raising more skeptics, I think. The ‘elderly’ of today were brought up trusting people. They didn’t lock doors, knew their neighbors, etc. Then again, maybe not.

  4. Earth2Mary
    Earth2Mary says:

    Good morning, Lee 🙂

    Another similar scenario that I’ve heard is that someone will break into a foreclosed home and put it up for rent. As soon as the authorities find out soneone’s living there again, they take action. Meanwhile, the “landlords” take off with the security deposit and the month’s rent from the unknowing renters, who get kicked out. Apparently, this is happening a lot in California.

    As for Sarah Palin, I dislike hunting but I think it’s really nasty that people are attacking her family, especially her son with Down Syndrome. But I guess that’s more of private parties than national news media.

    Off to work on my climax! Detective Booth kicks out Marla, and Irene escapes. I think you should have a post called 100 Your Villain Can Escape Police Custody 🙂 With the ending note that the police always win in the end.

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