Friday’s Heroes: Remembering The Fallen

Friday's Heroes - Remembering the fallen officers

The Graveyard Shift extends our condolences to the families of each of these brave officers.

Officer Thomas E. Wortham IV, 30

Chicago Police Department

May 19, 2010 – Officer Thomas E. Wortham IV was shot and killed outside his parent’s home when three men approached him and attempted to steal his motorcycle. Wortham promptly announced that he was a police officer and drew his service weapon. One of the men shot the officer in the head but the officer managed to return fire. Wortham’s father, a retired police sergeant, also returned fire, killing one of the suspects and wounded another. Officer Wortham died at the hospital. He had recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Paris McGee and Toyious Taylor have been charged with the murder of Officer Thomas Wortham.

Border Patrol Agent Mark Van Doren, 40

United States Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection

Brooks County, Texas

May 23, 2010 – Agent Mark Van Doren was killed and his partner critically injured when their patrol car struck a bovine bull and then veered off the road and struck a tree. Agent Van Doren died at the scene. His partner was flown to the hospital via helicopter.

Officer Travis P. Murphy, 29

Phoenix Arizona Police Department

May 26, 2010 – Officer Travis Murphy was responding to a shots-fired call when he encountered the suspect who immediately opened fire. Officer Murphy’s fellow officers took him to the hospital where he died. The suspect, Danny Martinez, was later located hiding in a shed. Officers fired rubber bullets to subdue him.

Officer Murphy is survived by his wife, two year-old daughter, and a two-week-old son.

Officer Murphy’s sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and firefighter cousin.

Accused cop killer Danny Martinez is escorted to jail by Phoenix officers.

Suspected cop killer Danny Martinez.

*Thanbks to ODMP. Azcentral photos.

2 replies
  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    I agree, Dave. We probably won’t hear any praise from the NY assemblywoman who proposed the shoot to wound bill.

    The use of less-than-lethal force by the Phoenix officers showed an incredible amount of professionalism and training. But, that’s how all cops are trained—stop the threat, not shoot to kill.

  2. Dave Swords
    Dave Swords says:

    Hi, Lee.

    I don’t normally post commentary on Fridays because of the solemnity of the subject matter, but I feel compelled to today.

    Concerning the shooting death of the Phoenix officer, I was wondering if we would hear any comments from those persons proposing the “shoot to wound” laws (Thursday’s GYS,) praising the restraint of the officers who subdued the killer with “rubber” bullets.

    I’ll not hold my breath.

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