Friday’s Heroes: Remembering the Fallen

Officer Robert “Rob” Shawn Pitts, 45

Terre Haute Indiana Police Department

May 4, 2018 – Officer Rob Pitts was shot and killed while assisting with a homicide investigation. As Officer Pitts and detectives approached the suspect’s apartment he opened fire, fatally wounding Officer Pitts.




Deputy Sheriff William J. Gentry, Jr., 40

Highlands County Florida Sheriff’s Office

May 7, 2018 – Deputy William Gentry succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained the while responding to an animal abuse call—a homeowner’s cat had been fatally shot with a pellet gun. While Deputy Gentry stood at the suspect’s door waiting to speak with him, the man opened fire, shooting the deputy in the head.

Deputy Gentry is survived by a brother who also serves with the sheriff’s office.

Officer Alex Sable, 37

York City Pennsylvania Police Department

On May 6, 2018, Officer Alex Sable suffered a heart attack during a SWAT water rescue training exercise . Medics at the scene performed CPR, and he was transported to a local hospital where he passed away on May 9th

Officer Sable is survived by his wife and three children.


Agent Joel Alexis Pantojas-Fuente, 41

San Juan Puerto Rico Police Department

May 6, 2018 – Agent Joel Pantojas-Fuente was struck and killed by a vehicle while assisting a disabled motorist. He was attempting to push the stranded car onto the shoulder when the passing vehicle struck him, pinning his body beneath the car he was pushing.

Agent Pantojas-Fuente is survived by two sons and his wife, who also serves as a San Juan police officer.

Deputy Inspector General Richard Hale, 46

Texas Juvenile Justice Department – Office of Inspector General

May 9, 2018 – Deputy Inspector General Richard Hale was killed in a vehicle crash when his department vehicle collided with an oncoming tractor-trailer. He was returning from a meeting with prosecutors when the head-on crash with the tractor-trailer occurred.

Deputy Inspector General Haleis is survived by his wife and eight children.

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