Friday’s Heroes: Above and Beyond The Call of Duty

Friday's Heroes - Remembering the fallen officers

5-21-08 Joliet, Illinois Police Officer Richard Trafton received his department’s highest award this week, the prestigious Murrin Medal, as well as other Heroism and Lifesaving Awards. Officer Trafton saved the life of fellow police officer, Mike Sheridan, who had been stabbed twice during a scuffle with a violent offender. Trafton quickly pulled Sheridan to safety, and was then attacked by the same knife-wielding suspect. Officer Trafton was able to draw his service weapon and stopped the threat. Officer Sheridan received a Purple Heart during the same ceremony.

5-20-08 A 35 year old Harper Woods, Michigan police officer went well above the call of duty when he pushed two civilians to safety before he was struck by an out of control car. The unidentified officer saw the car careening toward the pair and quickly shoved them out of harms way. The officer was hit in the hip and back, but is expected to fully recover.

5-16-08 Roanoke, Virginia Police Officer Brian Lawrence was severely injured while attempting to arrest two suspects who’d assaulted a female. Officer Lawrence was paralyzed as a result of his injuries. It’s not known at this time if the paralysis is permanent. Police have not released details of Officer Lawrence’s injuries, but a search warrant filed in Roanoke’s Circuit Court (probably to retrieve evidence from the suspects) indicates a shoe print was visible on the officer’s head. Both suspects have been arrested and charged with malicious wounding of an officer.

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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Joyce – Malicious wounding of an officer is one of those odd charges in the Virginia Code. It’s considered a class 3 felony which carries a 5-20 year sentence with an included mandatory minimum of two year imprisonment. Not enough, if you ask me.

    SZ – This particular charge includes lesser included offenses. But the enhancement of the mandatory minimum means the judge can’t suspend any portion of the two year mandatory minimum. The defendant can’t earn good time credit on that part of his sentence, either. He would have to serve every day of that two years.

  2. SZ
    SZ says:

    See, now I was thinking assult on an officer, attempt with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest . . . Pile it on.

    Lee, you should find out who the officer in Harper Woods is and let him know if he is bored recovering, he can get on line. We are all there for him. Heck, he will probably get the bug, and start writing. Great post.

  3. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    “Malicious wounding of an officer” sounds too light to me. I hope the suspects got at least a few love taps with a Maglite. Or maybe one of the officer’s boots slipped.

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