Weekend Road Trip: Twin Falls, Washington

Twin Falls WA


The hike up to the twin falls is a journey into another dimension. Towering evergreens and thick brush surround the entrance to the trail. Civilization is soon a million miles away. No cars, no ringing cell phones. The only sound is the occasional bird alerting others of approaching humans.

Moss-covered trees lean out into the path, their mossy fingers stretching, guiding passing hikers deeper into the woods.

The trails wind around, through, and over streams as clear as polished glass. The smell of wet stones and cool mud punctuates crisp morning air.

Soon, the earth begins to gently tremble beneath the hiker’s feet. The air fills with moisture as they near the falls.

Foamy, whitewater explodes at the head of the stream.

The falls send milky tendrils of water crashing to pools 100 feet below.

The watery fingers sway and dance with the ever-changing mountain breezes.

Standing, listening to the symphony of rushing waters, a bald eagle is heard screeching from above, a signal that it’s time to begin the long walk out, plunging back into the sea of green.

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  1. Ken Lewis
    Ken Lewis says:

    Lee: I am a Washingtonian, through and through, having grown up in the state until I migrated here to Oregon ten years ago. I was a police chief on the Olympic Peninsula for 11 years, and two weeks from now I’ll be going back for my youngest son’s high school graduation in Forks, WA. But where the heck is “Twin Falls”? These pics look like they might be from around the Seattle, or Bellingham areas?

  2. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    Light gray days are perfect for mowing lawns. Us Natives start to wilt when that big yellow thing hangs in the sky for too long.

    The previous week it was pushing 100 degrees in Portland. This week we were lucky to hit 60. Usually our summer doesn’t start until July 5th.

    I do like the pictures, Lee. Although I cringed at first because they reminded me of the tons of packbacking trips my parents dragged me on as a kid. I’m so not an outdoor girl. I prefer pictures.

  3. SZ
    SZ says:

    The comentary is just Lee showing off his writing chops Kendra.

    Then if that was not enough, he is a photographer show off as well.

    Nice job Lee, another beautiful weekend !

  4. Terry
    Terry says:

    Kendra — yes, I was at the Emerald City conference year before last. I’d finaled in their contest — came in second.

    And right now, the rain is plummeting down. We’ve been in a drought, so it’s good, but it messed up last night’s DUI checkpoint. I posted my recap of the aborted session in my blog earlier.

    Lee, after all the lawn mowing here, I can’t imagine grass getting as out of hand in the PNW — at least not for most of the year. It’s almost an hourly chore, and the St. Augustine turf is … well, when we hosted some high school band students years ago, and they got out of the car, one of them touched the grass and asked if it was real.

  5. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Terry – We enjoyed living there. The scenery was out of this world. My only complaint was of the near-constant gray skies. I knew I was in trouble when I heard my first local weather forecast. The meteorologist predicted a light gray day, perfect for mowing the lawn.

    Kendra – All the photos have been mine with the exception of Africa and Colorado. Those were submitted by Terry Odell and her son. The commentary comes from my own warped imagination.

    By the way guys, I’d be happy to post photos of your own weekend road trips. All I ask is that the pictures are of nature or cityscape scenery, and that they’re free of pesky humans, if possible.

  6. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    Terry, the Emerald City conference is always a lot of fun. I think they try to keep it under 250 people so it’s not overwhelming to navigate with huge numbers of people. And they always get great speakers. Julia Quinn, Cherry Adair, and Allison Brennan are fantastic.

    Lee, where do you get the pics and commentary for your weekend road trips? Are they yours?

  7. Terry
    Terry says:

    OK, my arm has been twisted. Will definitely be booking the Emerald City writer’s conference in October. And we’re spending a week in Salem after RWA. I’m thinking the PNW is where retirement will happen.

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