Crime Scene Investigation: Tools Of The Trade


Crime scene investigation is more than yellow caution tape and poking and prodding on dead bodies. The scenes must be analyzed and recorded with great care and detail. To accomplish this task, investigators use a variety of tools and techniques. Some of those tools are quite simple, but extremely important and efficient, such as:

Human body template – $14.50

Crime scene and accident template (this template allows the investigator to draw pieces of furniture and household fixtures with ease) – $14.50

Angle finder

Inspection mirror

Distance measuing wheel – $68.00

Laser range finder for measuring distances – $750.00

Crime Scene Investigation Reference Books

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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Bobby – What can I say?

    Peg – Glad I could be of service. Your husband should be happy. The more of those books you buy the less you’ll be bugging him with questions about his experience in law enforcement.

  2. Sheila Connolly
    Sheila Connolly says:

    No fair–I want one of everything (except your book, which I already have).

    This reminded me of a Civil War discharge report I have for a relative. He was wounded in battle, and the form has a lovely image of a body so that the site(s) of the wound can be shown. It also has a strategic figleaf.

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