Bouchercon 2008: A Real Friendfest


We’ll return to our regular format soon. Until then I’d like to introduce you to more of my friends. We all had a wonderful time catching up on old times. This is one Bouchercon I truly hated to see end.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Publisher Benjamin LeRoy

Bill Cameron chatting with fans.

Rack of books containing 2008 award nominees. Notice the book on the far right of the third shelf from the bottom.

Donald Bain, author of the Murder She Wrote tie-in series.

Donna Andrews

Fans, eager to have Lawrence Block sign their books, formed a line that stretched from one end of the Sheraton to the other. That’s nearly an entire city block.

Lawrence Block

Linda Landrigan, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine editor.

Lucienne Diver and Hank Phillippi-Ryan

Rebecca Drake

Rosemary Harris and me.

Sandra Parshall welcomes Mike Black to the Friday night auction.

Me and my buddy, SJ Rozan.

Zoe Sharp

Lee Child

James O. (Jim) Born

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  1. Annette Dashofy
    Annette Dashofy says:

    Hey, Lee! I’m finally coming out of my Bouchercon induced haze. It was great to spend time with you and Denene. I hope she liked the salmon that I recommended for dinner!

  2. Peg H
    Peg H says:

    For those of you who haven’t met Lee in person that smile of his never disappears.

    Lee, I sure do wish I could’ve been there! I’m glad you had a wonderful time. I love seeing your book in the rack, fyi my copy is never far from hand here.

  3. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Elena and Linda – Bouchercon was great. This time it was like one big reunion. I really enjoyed spending time with old friends.

    Joyce – Denene and I had a great time, too. And, hey, it’s a good book. I can’t wait till it’s finished.

  4. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    Lee, it was great spending time with you and Denene. She seems like a wonderful person, and you make such a cute couple!

    And thanks for introducing me to so many people and plugging the book I haven’t even finished writing yet!

  5. Elena
    Elena says:

    Your book looks pretty sharp on that rack 🙂
    Thanks for taking all of us with you – it’s great fun to see what some of my favorite authors look like.

    Your book also continues to attract attention whenever I take it with me to Border’s cafe. It introduced me to a visiting officer and we had a lovely (and useful) conversation. There’s another Thank you!!

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