And The Winner Is???

We have a winner!

Last week we asked you to send us your questions for Michael Cudlitz, star of TNT’s gritty police drama, Southland. All the entries were quite good, which made the panel’s decision very difficult, so we’re pleased to say the winner is (drum roll) Melanie Atkins.

Melanie – “I love Southland. Michael, do you ever find yourself reacting like a law enforcement officer in real life? I’ve read that other actors, some of the Law & Order folks, to be specific, have had that instinct kick in and have taken control in emergency situations.”

Melanie, your question will be forwarded to Michael for answering on the Southland Facebook page on April 5, 2010, and again later on the TNT,tv website. Your DVD will be shipped to you by the good folks at TNT (please contact me via email to work out shipping details).

Remember, folks, Season 2 of the gritty police drama SouthLand is in full swing on Tuesdays 9/10c on TNT. Our reviews of the show are posted each Wednesday morning. Please show your support by watching.

* Prizes are supplied by the SouthLand Team at TNT.

Please check back often for more Southland contests. We have another one brewing right now! By the way, TNT has generously donated DVD’s for the Writers’ Police Academy raffle. And, one of those DVD’s has been signed by the cast!

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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Jonathan – You are so right about the awful blood spatter used on Dexter. Not even close to being realistic. The photo I used at the top of the blog is a great example of WRONG.

    Yeah, now that you mention it, the blowback photo is odd, but it’s a police photo. I’ve never seen anywhere near that much blood on a shooter’s hand. Maybe this guy had his hand near a victim that exploded.

    I was also curious as to how he managed to get so much spatter on the inside of his grip (the pads of his fingers). If he was holding a weapon in his hand then that blood probably wouldn’t be there, because the pads of his fingers would be pointed away from the back spatter. Hmm…I’m thinking I used a really bad example.

  2. Jonathan Hayes
    Jonathan Hayes says:

    Great post, Lee.

    It’s funny that you chose Dexter – I love the show, but the fakeness of the blood spatter patterns drives me NUTS! They just splash stuff up there, and stop when there’s enough red – I’m sure they could make their crime scenes just as dramatic if they tried to recreate the spatter by recreating the way it’s created in the story – flicking a red paint-soaked knife against the wall to create cast-off, etc.

    Also, I’m not loving that photo of the hand for blowback – too much blood, and the distribution doesn’t look right.

    I think when anyone looks at the Dexter stuff, they kind of realize at some level that it’s not quite right – we’ve all noticed drips of paint or water or coffee that we’ve made, and I think we internalize that info and can tell when something’s fake. But I guess, since I’m the only person whining about the blood spatter on Dexter, that I might not be right!

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    We’ve watched the 1st 2 seasons of Dexter on Netflix (can’t imagine how they’ve ‘fixed’ them for network, and we don’t get that cable channel). We discovered the series on the recommendation of a couple of homicide detectives, and really enjoyed it. (And thanks to Lee for posting the mention of my Friday blog series, recounting some of the cases of one of those detectives.)

  4. Sarah Grimm
    Sarah Grimm says:

    Dexter! My DH is addicted to that show.

    Very cool, Lee. I look forward to the online Writers Police Academy.

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