Weekend Road Trip: The Cotswolds, England

Last Week In England With Paul Beecroft


My friend, Paul Beecroft, has spent a good deal of his life in law enforcement, in England. He’s worked Foot Patrol, Area Car, Instant Response Car and also as a Police Motorcyclist. He’s currently a coroner’s investigator and has traveled all over England, Wales, Scotland and even Germany to investigate crimes.

Today, let’s leave the world of cops and robbers and join Paul as he takes us on a trip to The Cotswolds, in England. Please enjoy.

Paul – “A few years back I jointly wrote, with a friend, a biography about a Falconer from the past who was sadly KIA in France during WWII. On Monday last I went to an area of England known as The Cotswolds and visited the home where the person subject of the bio lived. The house is no longer owned by the family and is in fact split up into apartments. Very little though has changed, certainly externally. Although not obvious the current tenants have done a lot of work to try and preserve this huge old English house.”

Driveway leading up to the entrance.

House from a distance.

Side View

Rear view


Chapel at rear of house. Built 1140-1150 but restoration has taken place over the years.

Inside chapel.

The old Kennels area.

Nearby stream.

It was also Lambing season.

Local views

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  1. Alias Mo
    Alias Mo says:

    My guess is #6. You are not a grandfather. Way too young.

    RE: Boston. I have a hard time believing anyone from Virginia, a part of the country that actually has a Spring season, would truly like living in an area where spring (with a small “s”) starts in late April, gets dragged back into winter temps every few days or weeks, then gives up and jumps straight into summer heat waves. Glad you’re here anyway.


  2. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:


    Can I have another go?


    Perhaps it is the other way round. Forwards with your left and backwards with your right.


  3. JanW
    JanW says:

    I’ll pick the band and football combination. I have trouble thinking you’d be allowed to do both by either the coach or the band director. If you got your mouth or fingers smashed in the game, you couldn’t be playing in the band.

  4. Earth2Mary
    Earth2Mary says:

    (Quote) Okay, I should have said, “The Boston area.” I’ll make the change. But, I can see downtown Boston from my neighborhood. I’m that close. (/Quote)

    Oh, I was almost right. That’s pretty nice though…My sister could see the Chicago skyline from her old apartment.

  5. Earth2Mary
    Earth2Mary says:

    I know it’s been picked already, but it’s not true that you don’t like living in Boston. Not that you don’t like it, but because you don’t live in Boston. Maybe one of the surrounding towns…I’d be surprised if you gave away the actual city/town that you lived in.

    Just a guess 🙂

  6. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    This is getting interesting. You guys are coming up with some answers.

    The bonus facts are also included.

    I’ll announce the winner on Monday along with the winner of the 200 word contest.

  7. Maggie May
    Maggie May says:

    My guess is that you can’t sing. Most people that are talented in one area, are also talented in another. If it has to do with just the top 15 only, I would guess it’s the book you chose as being your favorite.

  8. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:


    – I used to have really long hair, and it was blond until I cut it.

    Blond until you cut it??? I will go for this one as I am struggling to see how it changed colour. I realise someone else has suggested this so if I am right I will forego the first prize.

    Coroners Officer, England

  9. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Here’s my guess, Lee. I opt for #15 – no Mickey tattoo. You’re more of a Yosemite Sam guy.

    By the way, I once benched 500 lbs. 100 on Monday, 100 on Tuesday …

  10. SZ
    SZ says:

    Well, if we are being literal, the service writer in me says the Rambler. The car will not make it that far with out oil and water unless you were stopping every mile !

    Not sure what “tagged” means, though guess it is a 20 questions thing.

    4) Yeah on the book !

    5) Um, I thought you were Deannes soul mate, could be wrong.

    16) Cher is not going away. She will come back for another tour with some clever name. [already in the talks]

  11. JoAnn Bassett
    JoAnn Bassett says:

    Hey, Lee. I’m going to guess you’ve performed CPR on way more than two people. Seems it goes with the territory…

  12. JeanLauzier
    JeanLauzier says:

    Well…I don’t know you very well at all but…

    I’m going for #16….Cher “goodbye tickets for just $100? I don’t know…

  13. Elena
    Elena says:

    I vote for the long blond hair that changed color when it was cut. Seems unlikely.
    Other than that we have so much in common that it’s scary. I bench pressed 30 pounds the last time I was at the gym. That’s only a single zero from 300. Of course I didn’t start doing it until I was in my mid-60’s!

  14. jenifer
    jenifer says:

    It’s definitely fun to learn more about you. 🙂

    I might have guessed that the tattoo is the lie, but since Donnell B. already did, I’ll say that the lie is that you don’t like living in Boston.

    And, I can do number 8 also. People think it’s weird. I think it’s cool, but I’m a bit weird, so . . .

  15. Donnell B.
    Donnell B. says:

    Terry got my answer, Lee. Hmmm. You have an amazing memory. Did you take notes? I’ll hazard a guess at the Mickey Mouse tattoo, although I wonder at the poodle being a rescue dog. And Water for Elephants is one of my all time favorites.

  16. Terry
    Terry says:

    Gee, Lee, if I respond 24 times real fast and guess one statement in each guess, would that mean I’d win?

    I recognize a lot of these as ‘true’ — at least I know one of them is for sure because I’ve seen you do it. For all I know, you could have been making everything up from the get-go.

    I have a little trouble with a toy poodle being a rescue dog, but I know you worked K-9 at one time, so I wouldn’t put it past you to train her to do rescue work.

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