A Troubled Week For Police Officers


Sergeant Mickey Hutchens and Officer Daniel Clark were both shot yesterday while responding to a domestic disturbance at fast food restaurant in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Both officers remain in serious condition. Sergeant Hutchins is out of surgery this morning. The suspect, Monte Evans, was shot dead at the scene.


Evans began the trouble at this Bojangles restaurant in Winston Salem, when he demanded to see his wife, an employee. Ironically, Evans had been arrested earlier in the week for kidnapping his wife.


Evans had a long record of criminal activity and prison sentences. He’d been most recently released from prison last December. His record includes domestic violence, assaults, drug convictions, and he was a registered sex offender in North Carolina.

Dalton, Illinois – A Dalton police officer is under fire for beating a 15-year-old special needs student because the youth’s shirttail was outside his pants, a violation of the school’s dress code. Is physical use of force justified in this situation?


Chattanooga, Tennessee – Officers involved in the shooting death of a man who threatened to commit suicide are now asking the court to dismiss a wrongful lawsuit that was filed against them. The six officers involved in the shooting say the suspect pointed a rifle at them before they opened fire, shooting at the man 59 times. Forty-three rounds struck the suicidal man.

St. Louis – A St. Louis police officer is in critical condition after his patrol vehicle collided with a tractor trailer. The officer was responding to an emergency call when the accident occurred.

And another Taser video…


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