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We’re all familiar with law enforcement’s obsession with acronyms, right? Well, RUVIS is one you may not have seen or heard of while watching your favorite cop show.

RUVIS (Reflective Ultraviolet Imaging System), a system of locating latent (invisible) fingerprints) without the use of powders, fumes, or chemicals, was developed by Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories and the U.S. Army. The system focuses on one specific section of shortwave ultraviolet light, the germicidal spectrum of light, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

A particularly unique feature of RUVIS technology is that it works in both total darkness and in bright sunshine, a must for use by police investigators.

Krimesite Imager

The Krimesite Imager uses RUVIS technology to detect invisible residues from fingerprints. Those residues reflect UV light projected from the device, which immediately captures the reflections with a 60mm UV lens. A built-in scanner then converts the images to visible light, allowing the investigator to see the fingerprint. All this is done instantly, in real time. And, the detective is able to see images from up to fifteen feet away.

Once the print is located, the investigator uses the Imager to photograph it and, with the use of a micro-printer, print a copy of the desired evidence. All this without the messy powders that never seem to wash away. The KS Imager can also be used to greatly enhance prints developed using cyanoacrylate fuming (Super Glue).

Note – I doubt many of you will be picking up one of these devices for your home CSI kit. The price tag is between $15,000 and $20,000.

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Want to learn more about the Krimesite Imager and other Sirchie products? A team from Sirchie Fingerprint Labs, along with WPA instructor Dave Pauly, will be presenting a bloodstain workshop at the 2011 Writers’ Police Academy. So bring your questions. This is a unique opportunity for writers!


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*Top photo – Hamilton Ohio PD Detective David Collins using Krimesite Imager




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  1. Katherine Nyborg
    Katherine Nyborg says:

    I am so looking forward to WPA weekend, and all the tech and skills we get to explore!

    Because of the pricetag, is RUVIS often used by anyone outside of the most funded LEAs? Is it becoming a standard tool, or is it mostly on CSI wishlists?

  2. Maryann Mercer
    Maryann Mercer says:

    The WPA weekend just gets more interesting every time I turn around :o) I had no idea RUVIS was available and am keeping it in my ‘tech’ file. thanks Lee. Can’t wait to get to Greensboro and learn some new things.

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