Yvonne Mason: A Serial Killer’s Instructions For Committing The Perfect Murder

Yvonne Mason


Serial Killer Gerard Schaefer’s Instructions on How to Commit the Perfect Murder

The term narcissistic means self-absorbed, egotistic, selfish, conceited, or self-important. Gerard Schaefer was all of these and more. He was also diagnosed as a psychopath, a person affected by a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior. A psychopath is also someone who has a lack of remorse, or empathy. Gerard Schaefer was indeed that. He fully believed that what he did to his victims was right. He had no remorse and he was so violent he made even law enforcement officials sick.

Gerard Schaefer, in his narcissistic mind, really believed he had the plan to commit the perfect murder. His self-importance of cleansing the world of the whores of the world led him to believe that he was indeed doing the work of a good Catholic Boy.

Schaefer’s written instructions for committing a perfect murder were seized during the search warrant at his mother’ house. His plans were used to convict him at the trial of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup.

Gerald Schaefer spelled out step by step instructions for murder that were as methodical as putting together a model airplane. It makes one wonder how many times he rehearsed it in his mind.

Schaefer wrote:

“In order to remain unapprehended(sic) the perpetrator of an execution style murder such as I have planned must take precautions. One must think out well in advance a crime of this nature in order for it to work.


We will need an isolated area, assessable by car and a short hike away from any police patrols or parking lovers. The execution site must be carefully arranged for a speedy execution once the victim has arrived. Ideally would be 2 sawhorses with a 2×4 preferably by car. A grave must be prepared in advance away from the place of execution.


The victim could be anyone of the many women who flock to Miami & Ft. Lauderdale during the winter months. Even 2 victims would not be difficult to dispose of since women are less wary when traveling in pairs. In any case it maybe more preferable to bind & gag the victims before transporting them to the place of execution. Then again depending on what torture or defilement is planned for them other items may be useful.

Bars of soap& water. These are useful if you would want to wash a woman before her execution. Induce her to urinate and then wash her. Soap provides an excellent lubricant for anal intercourse. Beer is useful to induce urination and make the victim groggy and more cooperative. Soap can also be forced into the rectum to induce defecation of bowels. Possibly she may want to defecate since people generally have a desire to do this when they are scared. A douche bag may be helpful in degrading her further and is also useful in a soapsuds enema which would be a great indignity, especially if one victim was made to urinate or defecate on the other. This would be a gross indignity. Nylon Stockings are useful to tie the hands and feet of the victim. The victim should be made to strip at least to her underwear. If stripped completely nude an attempt can be made to excite her sexually. This effect would be especially interesting if the victim had her neck in the noose and hands tied behind her back. A white pillow case should be placed over her head and her mouth gaged(sic).

Her panties should be pulled down enough to expose the genitals and clitoral stimulation applied. During the height of her excitement the support would be pulled away and she would dangle by her neck. She may be revived before death if desirable and subjected to further indecencies. After death has occurred the corpse should be violated if not violated already. The body should then be possibly mutilated and carried to the grave and buried. All identity papers should be destroyed and the place of execution dismantled.”

However, as with all narcissistic personalities, he had to keep the evidence. He could not bring himself to destroy it as he had written in his instructions. The items were trophies of his cleansing.

That, the fact that he really was not as smart as he perceived himself to be, and getting sloppy with his work, was what caused untimely his down fall. These are factors that can lead police to narcissistic criminals.

Had Schaefer really been as smart as he thought he was he would have destroyed all his writings, destroyed the victim’s identification, and not kept any trophies. However, his type of personality disorder won’t allow him to do that. They really believe they are above the rest of the world in intelligence.

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  1. Paul-Antony
    Paul-Antony says:

    this gave me goosebumps. i will probably never understand, EVER, why people’s thinking sometimes hit the wrong way. i pity them, being victims as well..

  2. Yvonne Sewell
    Yvonne Sewell says:

    You have to remember this was in 1972. At that time the different police departments didn’t talk to each other like they do now. There was also no way to check their background. There was very little in the way of background checks. If a cop applied to a department and had a letter from another department it was considered gold. The sad thing is the letter of recomendation was forged. And the blue line was still in force.
    Humans do horrible things to each other simply because they can. I know it is very hard to understand. However, there are some very evil people in this world- They do walk among us

  3. SZ
    SZ says:

    If you google this guy, he was fired as a teacher for inappropriate behavior. I am surprised that this man was hired as police, given his way our of serving and the school job.

    I will never understand how a human can do such horrible things to another.

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