Writers’ Police Academy 2011: Not Your Typical Writers Conference

WPA 2011


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  1. Cynthia Drew
    Cynthia Drew says:

    WPA was the most muscular thing I’ve done in a long time, Lee! Lots of good information and funny stories, and enough adrenalin spikes to last me a month. Never mind the SIRCHIE catalog has given me some great ideas for what to do to the neighbors on Halloween.

  2. Rebecca Butler
    Rebecca Butler says:

    Lee, what a great camp for grownups–semi-grownup writers, of course. The best classes, great speakers, I’m using much of what Debbie Rasure and I learned in the Sister in Crime’s Atlanta Chapter’s newsletter this month. Many thanks, one more time.

  3. Lena Diaz
    Lena Diaz says:

    Lee, you’re doing research to see whether to conduct WPA again next year? I sure hope you are able to do it again. I’ve heard fantastic things about this year’s academy and have this on my wish list of conferences to attend next year. Thanks for all that you do to help us writers. I, for one, sincerely appreciate it.

  4. Betty Hechtman
    Betty Hechtman says:

    I’m glad your photos turned out better than mine. I’d never used this camera before and everybody in my pictures had multiple heads.

    It was a great conference!

  5. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Thanks, John. Yes, the Sirchie catalog is a gold mine of information. I’m glad you’re able to use it for your work.

    Nancy. Thank you, too. We’re conducting a little research right now to see if we’ll be doing a 2012 WPA. I hope it works out.

  6. Nancy Sullivan
    Nancy Sullivan says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks to you and everyone for a fabulous conference. I learned so very much and was only frustrated that there was too much to do! I’m making plans to return next year, to learn even more.

    It was a great effort and truly appreciated by this writer. As always, you’ve hit the mark.

    Many thanks,

  7. John Turney
    John Turney says:

    Great conference, Lee. I’ve started incorporating what I learned into my WIP. The Sirchie catalog will be an excellent resource.

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