WPA 2014: Alafair Burke, Lisa Gardner, and the Super "Hot" Mike Roche

2014 WPA: Alafair Burke


As always, WPA attendees never quite know what to expect when they first arrive at the police academy. This year, as the buses rounded the final turn attendees found themselves smack dab in the midst of a mass casualty scene—a drunk driver had just plowed through a yard sale.

Next, they were witness as to how first responders handle these situations. First to arrive was a sheriff’s deputy from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.


Then, this…



Of course, there were the usual superstars and dead bodies…


Lisa Gardner at the scene of a murder

The typical classroom explosions…

New Picture (1)

Well-dressed entry team members…


“Bad to the Bone” Alafair Burke


In-school detention is sometime necessary to control the bad behavior of an unruly attendee.


The safety and security of everyone involved in the WPA is top on our list. Therefore, undercover surveillance agents are on the job watching each and every shady character. Gotcha!


There’s so much to report this year, but today I’m ending with an image I still can’t seem to erase from my mind—Secret Service Agent Mike “The Love Doctor” Roche, appearing on his first romance novel cover. EEEKK!!!!

*Warning! The following image may be not be suitable for young audiences, old audiences, and middle-age male and female audiences. Also, please shield the eyes of your pets.

The WPA is not responsible for damages and/or injuries received as a result of viewing this disturbing photo.


Fortunately, no WPA attendees were harmed while viewing this picture during the Saturday night banquet. Please stay tuned for more disturbing cover art…