Dead Bodies, Moonlight, and Lisa Gardner

Dead Bodies


Smiles, cheers, and hoorays were abundant yesterday when the doors finally opened for the 2014 Writers’ Police Academy.


This morning, attendees witnessed how the experts handle a mass casualty—a drunk driver plowing through a crowd at a farmers market.


WPA recruits then spent the rest of their day shooting, driving, handcuffing, investigating a murder, learning undercover ops, searching buildings for bad guys, and a ton of other exciting sessions.

Then, after enjoying a fabulous reception sponsored by Sisters in Crime National, everyone headed outside to end the night with a rendezvous with a dead body.

Using a new inflatable light source, WPA instructors demonstrated how to illuminate a nighttime crime scene.


You know, you run into all kinds of people at murder scenes.


Yes, that’s THE Lisa Gardner with our murder victim du jour.

More tomorrow…