Where Have They Gone?

Where have they gone


Where have they gone?

Why, just yesterday they were here

There was laughter

And games and hugs and bedtime stories

Family meals

School plays

Trips to the beach

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year

Special times

Why, just yesterday my mother held me in her arms

While an aunt made faces

And funny sounds


We came together

Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins

Yes, the cousins

All sizes, all shapes

Boys and girls alike

Playing in the old barn

Doing things we knew we shouldn’t


Life was forever

Lightning bugs, hide-and-seek, and tag

Presents, trees, and eggnog

Bedtime stories

Sleigh bells


The laughter

The turkeys and hams and holiday treats


Where have they gone?

What’ll I do?

My grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins

It’s almost Christmas

…and they’re no longer here.

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  1. SZ
    SZ says:

    Really Lee you should take those fab photos and word and make a nice coffee table book !

    Where have they gone ?

    They are right here in the faces of your children and grand children

    With hugs and kisses

  2. Babs Wing
    Babs Wing says:

    The key is to remain a kid. Hold on to the childlike thoughts and joys of Christmas and share it with others you love.

  3. Jaden Terrell
    Jaden Terrell says:

    So true, Lee. What a poignant post. My husband and I don’t have children, so there aren’t even any little ones to pass it on to. I suppose that’s what his nieces and nephews are for.

  4. Jackie Edwards
    Jackie Edwards says:

    This one got to me. When my dad died (just before Christmas several years ago) the feeling of being bereft, an orphan, was made even worse by the season. Comes back a little bit every year. Merry Christmas, Lee.

  5. Teresa Blue
    Teresa Blue says:

    This is a tear jerker for me. Holidays are definitely a bit quieter these days. Thanks for such a heartfelt post.
    Merry Christmas to you, Lee.


  6. Beth Anderson
    Beth Anderson says:

    Wow. This one really hit home. Christmas, it seems, really is for the kids, and once we pass that stage, nothing is ever the same. Even so, we do our best to re-create Christmas for our own kids, and then for our grandkids if we’re lucky.

    So the good news is, Christmas recycles itself every generation; the bad news is, we can only have it as kids once.

    But sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

    Cheers to you, Lee.

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