Where Do They Hide Those Bodies?

Where do they hide those bodies


Writers contact me all the time asking why it’s sometimes so difficult for police to find the bodies of murder victims. Well, I have an easy answer for those questions, but I think I’ll show you instead. So put on your hiking shoes and take a walk with me through a few of nature’s built-in hiding spots. Don’t forget to have a peek at the gorgeous scenery as you pass by. Some of it is absolutely breathtaking. By the way, these are images taken during a couple of our “let’s just park here and see what we see” hiking trips. I think you’ll see why it sometimes takes a while to find the dearly departed.

Yes, that’s Mt. St. Helens in the distance.

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He’s Back!

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Big news coming soon!

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  1. Jaye
    Jaye says:

    Recently I had a chance to visit with a member of the Mountain Search and Rescue squad for the Sierra Nevada Range in Northern California. He told me there are places where they know there are bodies, or wrecked cars that may contain bodies, but are completely inaccessible. Steep, narrow ravines thousands of feet deep, often with lakes or deep rivers at the bottom, are impossible to get cranes and dredging equipment down where they could do the work. In many places human climbers can’t even get there. Budget cuts haven’t helped this problem, either. So if you really want to make it hard to find the body, try the mountains.

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