What’cha Gonna Do Bad Boys: Wacky Cop Stuff

Rhode Island

A Rhode Island state trooper, Edward Steinovich, has been suspended from duty for punching his sergeant in the head. The officers were attending a fundraiser for the wife of an officer who died in an on-duty accident. The troopers were in a local bar when the incident occurred.


A Florida deputy sheriff, Mathew Tremblay, is under investigation for misuse of a department-issued Taser. Tremblay had been partying with a few friends when he had a brainstorm – Taser one of his friends. He did, and the incident was caught on camera. The photographer posted the video on MySpace which ultimately wound up on Sheriff Ben Johnson’s desktop. The deputy’s actions are currently under an internal investigation.

South Carolina

James Owens, a South Carolina police officer, has been accused of furnishing liquor to teens during a party. A teenage girl claims to have been sexually assaulted while attending the same party. Owens was not one of the attackers.


The sheriff of Jefferson Parrish is hopping mad, and he has a right to be. Why? It seems that one of his Boys in Blue allowed strippers to climb onto the hood of his patrol for a photo shoot, while he was on duty in Fat City! The photos are available on thedirty.com, but you’ll have to scroll through some other stories to get there. Warning, some people may find the images on the Dirty.com site to be very offensive.