Weekend Road Trip: Writers’ Police Academy – It’s A Blast!

Weekend Road Trip: Writers' Police Academy - It's A Blast!


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Those are just some of the workshops and demonstrations you’ll attend at the 2011 Writers’ Police Academy. And the best thing is that’s only part of the fun. Want to know what it’s like to drive a patrol car, fire truck, or an ambulance? Well, here’s your chance! How about being in a shootout with armed suspects? Yep, we’ve got a simulator for that, too. And, we’re offering ride-a-longs with sheriff’s deputies and tours of a real jail.

The Writers’ Police Academy is held at an actual police academy with classes taught by active-duty police academy instructors. We also feature some of the top police and forensics experts from across the country.

There’s plenty of one-on-one Q&A time with the experts.

Real police equipment is available.

Learn how firefighters handle blazes in high-rise buildings. We have a complete fire sprinkler system. And, yes, instructors set a real fire!

Got questions about your manuscript? We have the answers.

We have on-site jail facilities.

FATS training

Bomb robot

To shoot, or not?

Paramedics treat the victim of a gunshot wound. The shooting occurred in the hallway during the academy!

*     *     *

Registration for the 2011 Writers’ Police Academy is open. Reserve your spot now!

Meet your 2011 presenters.

Dave Pauly retired from The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command as a Special Agent-in-Charge/Commander and Forensic Science Officer. He performed law-enforcement duties in over a dozen states, frequently working with local, state, and other federal agencies. Outside the United States he performed duties in Panama, South Korea, Afghanistan, Haiti, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Sinai, Egypt, Canada, Guam, and Nigeria.

A graduate of the FBI National Academy (Session 195), Dave also completed advanced studies, such as the Canadian Police College Major Crimes Course, Miami-Dade Police Department Bloodstain Interpretation Course, and National Fire Academy Arson Investigation Course. As an expert, Dave frequently lectures and consults on forensic science topics around the country and at Sirchie Fingerprint Labs. He is a member or affiliate of the American Academy of Forensic Science, IAI, North Carolina Chapters of the IAI and FBINAA, IABPA, ASIS, EPIC, and Vidocq Society.

Dave holds a Master of Forensic Science degree from The George Washington University and is currently the Director of Applied Forensic Science at Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC.

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